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Ambient or Guerilla ads


'Scuse me, have you seen Carlsberg's passport?

New York-based communications agency Cossette Post, offspring from the Canadian Cossette, have cooked up a stunt involving passports. Party passports.

Picture getting into a cab in New York City and finding an orphaned passport in the back seat. What would you do? Open it of course.


Lowe Bull pulls Axe stunts in nightclubs

Lowe Bull in South Africa has taken Unilever's Axe (Lynx) off the TV screens and into the hot nightclubs. Like an Axe ad in real life, their stunt contains the usual ingredients of an Axe wearing man and women who suddenly can't control themselves.

The premise, their "unsuspecting" male model hangs out in a nightclub, drink in hand and a bag thrown over his shoulder, there is nothing out of the ordinary about the man... Until the Axe-gals pull up in their truck outside.....


iPodification posters might be most copied of 2004

So, I'm guilty of pushing poor Caffeinegoddess to publish the 2004 lists before everyone headed off for the holidays, knowing full well that only us diehard workaholics (hang on, that's all of us, right?) would be here during the days after Kwanzaa and before New years....


Orange lets you create and compete with paper films

Paper film festival is on the hunt for the next Steven Spielpaper - the site lets you create and compete with short paper animations. Several categories are up for grabs, Best Mobile Film category, Best Video Film and Best Photo Poster.


Firefox runs double page spread in NYT

Spread Firefox rallied thousands of fans and raised enough money in only ten days to buy a double page spread in the NYT. The sfx team announced today on their blog


In the interest of copyright - Duke law film competition

Copyright has nearly become the boogyman, in the interest of finding what gives, and what just is, Duke university actually had a little competition demonstrating some of the tensions between art and intellectual property law in the form of asking students to make create short films, doing just that. "contest(ants.. are) asked entrants to create short films demonstrating some of the tensions between art and intellectual property law"


Merry Yule all, I can throw a ball seven feet!

As you probably know I'm one of those seven feet tall blond chicks from the northern land*. Or, not. Hehe. (I tried! I fulfill the whole northern scandi exotic thing, I'm just not very tall....Drats. That joke was better with fewer words..)


The perfect advertising medium - homeless peoples coats.

Ben & Jerry's have together with a bunch of nuns thought up an idea that clothes the Dutch homeless in warmer winter gear, while advertising ice-cream.

If that isn't enough of a paradox for you, consider this - we ignore ads, we ignore homeless. A match made in heaven is to advertise on the backs of homeless! ;)

Actually it seems to be the brainchild of the nuns who run a charity in the Amsterdam city centre, they have offered to put stickers on the backs of homeless peoples coats as thanks for Ben & Jerry's donation to their cause.
Read more at the Guardian: Ice cream helps keep homeless warm


Boston wants you to get wrapped and plow snow.

If you try to play get wrapped snowplow game take my advice, watch out for trains! My age-old technique of never hittng the breaks does not work, the snow is slippery, oddly it seems a lot easier to drive backwards than forwards. Locals will recognize landmarks such as Fenway Park, the Citgo sign, and the John Hancock tower. The Barbarian Group created the game which is only part of the campaign for called get wrapped.


Toyota Tundra Takes The Choo-Choo

All aboard... The Toyota Tundra express.... Yup, to make people notice the Toyota Tundra Double-Cab they've painted it larger than life on the sides of Amtrak locomotives. The painted locomotives run between Chicago and San Antonio, and the other from Washington, D.C. to Miami. Saatchi & Saatchi hatched the paint idea which is sure to spice up a trainspotters life.