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Post-it notes remind you to learn to scuba dive

New media? I never heard of anyone spreading their message via post-it notes before - not quite like this anyway. The nutty agency
Miami in Sweden has created a quirky campaign for Swedens scuba diving org website at the URL which translates to "start diving now", a campaign that is run exclusively on post-it notes.
Hand written post-its remind people to start scuba diving. "We are always looking for new ways of communicating, and to increase traffic to the Scuba Diving website the post-its felt natural and spot on." said Gustav Inger from Miami. The scuba site is also handritten on post-it notes, the idea has grown from there.


Jeep parks on the wall of Penn Plaza

Nissan isn't the only car brand to create some buzz with crazy ad-installations. Jeep caught everyones eye when it scaled up the side of Penn Plaza and parked at the top where a sign exclaimed "Jeep Parking only". Onlookers gawked as the Jeep scaled the entire 30-story skyscraper. You can view a video of the climb at (wmv file here).


Lowe Partners Malaysia setting their standards higher.

It used to be when you thought "creative hot shop" you didn't think "Kuala Lumpur".
Adrian Miller, the Creative Director of Lowe & Partners in Malaysia wants to change all that, together with his agency team they're revving up for Cannes. See some of their recent work by reading more.


Mitsubishi buys Metros front page - in seven countries

The Colt campaign that we reported about in May Strawberryfrog drives Colt under water. is now driving us barking mad all over Europe. Posters are everywhere and the commercial with a woman driving under water flirting with some sub marine men is on all channels all the time.
Had it been above ground and a truck driver the Mitsubishi lady might have been more inclined to react the same way Thelma and Lois does, but under water she seems thrilled to be ogled at from above as she steers her little car down the banks. How odd. To really make sure the punters see this campaign, Mitsubishi is buying the cover of Metro - in seven different countries.


The Whole of Greece in One Smile

Eastman Kodak has created a record-setting photomontage celebrating the return of the Olympic Games to Athens, as well as celebrating Greek citizens.

"We decided to create something that would give all visitors to Athens the chance to share in the spirit of the Olympic Games," said Lazaros Piatopoulos, General Manager, Kodak Near East Inc. "The people of Greece were invited to send a picture and be part of history in the largest-ever photographic montage. The photos of the 16,609 Greeks that responded made up the face of a child, whose smile looks at the future with hope and awaits the ATHENS 2004 Olympic Games with pride."


Lundberg & co give contact lenses the finger.

Lundberg & co, Sweden have created an ad campaign for Medocular where they give contact lenses the finger. No, really, they do!

Medocular wanted to remind people who have slight sight damage that glasses and lenses aren't the only option out there, some sight problems can be corrected. With this subway and newspaper print campaign, they want to attract people who are really tired of their old lenses and poking fingers in their own eyes.


Bowlmor Lanes - Panties Postcard Ad (US)


Ikea - Giant (2003) Outdoor (Netherlands)

Part of a campaign to establish IKEA as the ideal place for family furniture, giant 17-metre footsteps were laid out leading to an IKEA store. Strawberry Frog sent photographs taken from above to press and TV stations.


Barking Mad dog billboards - part two

According to the media Guardian, this "new" 'Dogvertising' is the brainchild of advertising agency Strawberry Frog. Last May however, they credited the barking billboards idea to the company of the same name.

Strawberry frog are currently using packs of drooling dogs adorned with a web address for a new, specially-created internet site designed to persuade people that it's "cool to drool" in an effort to sell the new Sony Ericsson T300 phone......


Frozen Pizza

It’s bad enough that advertising is on the movie screen (I'm talking to you Mr. Bond!), but look at the marketing monstrosity I found while opening up the Ice Age DVD box.

Click continue to see what the powers-that-be wants you to eat during your Blockbuster Night!