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Ambient or Guerilla ads


Fancy drowning in a Newcastle Brown Ale? Trapped in a schooner optical illusion

Fancy drowning yourself (if not your sorrows) in a Newcastle Brown Ale? If you're anywhere near the Del Mar Race Track in California, there's an 8 feet high schooner placed at the entrance of the track for fans to drown themselves in. It's a neat optical illusion, where if you stand in the right place to take a picture, it looks like you're in the glass. If you send that picture to Newcastes facebook page, you may win a prize.


13th Street - Decapitated heads as bowling balls / Bowlingheads

Jung von Matt are creeping us out with this lovely gory bowling ball set designed by spraygun artist Oliver Paass. The balls looks like decapitated heads in various states of decay, with the holes strategically placed where there's a nose, open mouths or a missing eye. Ugh! :) The decapitated head balls were placed in several German bowling alleys instead of the standard balls, and each set was finished off with a black ball advertising German horror TV channel No.1 : 13th street. Nice. Check out the balls in action.

First ad in the world of Starcraft

First ad in the world of Starcraft

How to communicate something in such a hermetic world as the world of computer players? We tried to tell them something in their own language. In the language of the computer game.


The Creative Calendar - so you won't forget St Luke nor award deadlines

A bit odd that "St Erik Kessels" is on here when they so famously reject participating in award show hoopla. Still, a nicely illustrated wall calendar that'll help you remember when to enter what award.


Levi's street murals in Berlin celebrate modern day pioneers for "Go Forth" campaign

Berliner Pioneers Immortalized locally by artist Vhils to celebrate "Go Forth".

To honour the campaign, Levi’s and W+K Amsterdam collaborated with the Portuguese street artist Alexandre Farto, aka Vhils, to create a series of street murals that captures the faces of some of Berlin’s modern day pioneers in a dramatic and poetic way. These pioneers serve as an inspiration for the city and embody the 'Go Forth’'spirit. Vhils sculpted the portraits of pioneers Fadi Saad, Various & Gould, Joe Hatchiban and Sven Marquardt into major building facades dotted throughout Berlin.

This "Making of" documentary capturing Vhils’ at work complements the murals themselves.


Thermacell / Myggrapporten - the mosquito report - yes, there's an app for that!

Swedish summers are famous for a lot of things, midnight sun, skinny dipping, odd midsummer parties, rain throughout July, and mosquitos. Millions of mosquitos. They'll eat you alive.

"Up until now there really has been no way to find out how big the problem is locally in different parts of the country. When you plan your vacation you can get a weather report but not a mosquito report. With this insight, we helped our client - a nordic agent for the mosquito repellent product Thermacell - build a crowdsourcing tool for mosquito reports."


A brand of Mother's Milk

Seeking to promote breastmilk in Venezuela, where over 70% of mothers do not breastfeed, UNICEF took breastmilk and packaged it like a formula brand.
With the brand name La Leche Materna, and packaging shaped like a woman's breast, it was positioned as the 'world's best baby milk' to compete against formula milk brands and sold in supermarkets and grocery stores. The campaign reached over two million women.

That is why Unicef launch BreastMilk as a product, with packaging, logo and a whole advertising campaign


Volkswagen pumps up commitment to the environment.

This Earth Day (April 22), Volkswagen Canada wants people to know that a little air in their tires can make a big impact on the environment. Volkswagen will be presenting a 30-second television ad, featuring a slowly inflating globe. It culminates with the message that “By checking our tire pressure regularly, we could save 24 million litres of gasoline a day.”

The ad is just one part of the Volkswagen’s Worldwide “Think Blue” program, which is based on the notion that environmental protection and automotive progress should go hand-in-hand.


Diesels fake party invites: Crocodile "tears of joy"

Diesel has launched in India, and for their launch-party they invited celebs with a little bottle of crocodile tears.

"Inspired from the dubious factoid that India has the largest number of Diesel fakes in the world, Diesel’s launch party in India was called the "Fake Party". Celebrities including movie stars, fashionistas, and other A-listers had to be invited to this party.


HNY11 by Tytpol

Let's wish A Happy New Year to people form all around the world and - by the way - improve traffic on Tytpol's portfoilio website and Facebook profile.

Let's make everyone a little surprise and use the possibilities of new FB profiles. So, we used profiles of professionals, bloggers (Adland too!), agencies and trendy clubs to promote Tytpol.

Wishes appeared on more than 20 000 walls
2 706 daily post views
332 unique visits on the site (time spent on site: more than 2 minute)
from 34 countries
16 new people liked our profile
and we go 2 job offers
all in 1 day, in which people tend to think of somethin completely different