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Ambient or Guerilla ads


Speeders Beware – You Are on a Digital Billboard

From the people who brought you last year's innovative 3D illusion "Pavement Patty", Preventable, along with their AOR Wasserman + Partners and The Media Merchants, has launched another unique preventable injury initiative in time for back to school. As parents and students gear up for back to school, Preventable, together with the BCAA Road Safety Foundation, the City of Surrey and City of Burnaby, is setting up a mobile digital billboard at select schools that will photograph speeding cars and post their photos on the billboard with the message "Before you rush through here, have a word with yourself."


VISA - Crayfish Bus (attack) - Wellington On a Plate: Welly On a Plate

RUN FOR YOUR LIVES! Giant crayfish are clawing out of the earth from mile-deep catacombs and attacking our cities! This is revenge for that time when I poured wormwood-heavy absinth in the boiling water at our crayfish party isn't it? I thought the hallucinations would be cool not terrifying! Hold me, I'm scared!


Be Super Ordinary

By taking the Fire Safety Audit on Facebook people are protecting their family and community, as well as helping the firefighters do their job. They deserved to be honoured. So all of them will have their face projected on a 3 metre high bronze statue with a digital face in the Sydney CBD.

Madeleine Roberts and Julie Vahry

New Zealand police attract new recruits with street art ad campaign

M&C Saatchi and Ikon Communications took to the streets, or rather street art, to spread the word and recruit more police officers in New Zealand. They commissioned NZ artist Otis Frizzell to create the street art installations, and each police portrait tells of a real experience the police officers have had - all in a days work.

Madeleine Roberts and Julie Vahry (first image) for example, found a burglar and as Julia was chasing him through the street, only able to see him when the flashes of lightning shone, Madie came from around the corner and greeted him with open arms. The perfect pincher moment. Gotcha!


Fancy drowning in a Newcastle Brown Ale? Trapped in a schooner optical illusion

Fancy drowning yourself (if not your sorrows) in a Newcastle Brown Ale? If you're anywhere near the Del Mar Race Track in California, there's an 8 feet high schooner placed at the entrance of the track for fans to drown themselves in. It's a neat optical illusion, where if you stand in the right place to take a picture, it looks like you're in the glass. If you send that picture to Newcastes facebook page, you may win a prize.


13th Street - Decapitated heads as bowling balls / Bowlingheads

Jung von Matt are creeping us out with this lovely gory bowling ball set designed by spraygun artist Oliver Paass. The balls looks like decapitated heads in various states of decay, with the holes strategically placed where there's a nose, open mouths or a missing eye. Ugh! :) The decapitated head balls were placed in several German bowling alleys instead of the standard balls, and each set was finished off with a black ball advertising German horror TV channel No.1 : 13th street. Nice. Check out the balls in action.

First ad in the world of Starcraft

First ad in the world of Starcraft

How to communicate something in such a hermetic world as the world of computer players? We tried to tell them something in their own language. In the language of the computer game.


The Creative Calendar - so you won't forget St Luke nor award deadlines

A bit odd that "St Erik Kessels" is on here when they so famously reject participating in award show hoopla. Still, a nicely illustrated wall calendar that'll help you remember when to enter what award.


Levi's street murals in Berlin celebrate modern day pioneers for "Go Forth" campaign

Berliner Pioneers Immortalized locally by artist Vhils to celebrate "Go Forth".

To honour the campaign, Levi’s and W+K Amsterdam collaborated with the Portuguese street artist Alexandre Farto, aka Vhils, to create a series of street murals that captures the faces of some of Berlin’s modern day pioneers in a dramatic and poetic way. These pioneers serve as an inspiration for the city and embody the 'Go Forth’'spirit. Vhils sculpted the portraits of pioneers Fadi Saad, Various & Gould, Joe Hatchiban and Sven Marquardt into major building facades dotted throughout Berlin.

This "Making of" documentary capturing Vhils’ at work complements the murals themselves.


Thermacell / Myggrapporten - the mosquito report - yes, there's an app for that!

Swedish summers are famous for a lot of things, midnight sun, skinny dipping, odd midsummer parties, rain throughout July, and mosquitos. Millions of mosquitos. They'll eat you alive.

"Up until now there really has been no way to find out how big the problem is locally in different parts of the country. When you plan your vacation you can get a weather report but not a mosquito report. With this insight, we helped our client - a nordic agent for the mosquito repellent product Thermacell - build a crowdsourcing tool for mosquito reports."