press & poster ads


Press & Poster ads


Greenpeace - Bring Back the Balance - print, India

McCann Worldgroup in New Delhi, India created this campaign for Greenpeace. Each "ying-yang" has been hand illustrated, see the progress photos attached. The images isn't a giant Katamari Damacy ball (remember those videos?


Pedigree is great for firming up your dog's poop.

As evidenced by this disgusting visual solution of a fly who broke his teeth trying to eat it. *hurk*


VISA doesn't want you to travel with cash

When you travel with cash, you are cash on the street. I *think* that means you're just waiting to have your money stolen. Nice art direction, anyway.


Helsinki Region transport wants us to start biking

To celebrate bike week, my favorite Finnish agency, Agency 358 made these tasty looking posters. Fun stuff. And ironic, too. If everyone started biking, Helsinki Region Transport would have a lot of empty seats on its trains and buses.


Zyrtec Allergy - Leash / Frisbee / Car (2015)

This idea comes from the fact that In Puerto Rico when people are allergic to dogs, it's somehow tolerable, but when people are allergic to cats they get rid of them at once.

Zyrtec Allergy stops your cat allergies from acting up, so you can play frisbee with your cat anytime. Hang on, I think I took a wrong turn here somewhere... But it does make for a striking visual.


McDonald's Paris makes pictograms

McDonald's is running some emoticon-centric pictograms on bus shelters, billboards and in train stations around Paris, in addition to selling some merch at Colette. I'd buy a t-shirt if I were there..


Fontyou - Even Fonts get old

Fontyou is the first web application which allows artistic directors and agencies to manage their font through the cloud, which also enables us to discover and improve the most beautiful typefaces of the world and to evolve with the help of the last typographical trends.


Stockholm Art Week: Stockholm Is Your Canvas

M&C Saatchi Stockholm launched “Stockholm Is Your Canvas” for this year's Stockholm Art Week. The Thiel Gallery is hosting some very nice art from the likes of Kai Vermehr, eBoy, Alvaro Sotomayor, and more. But here's the kicker. Your work can also be featured.


VW Up has some advice for you.

Here are some fun ads for VW in South Africa that are very matter-of-fact in their advice. "The car that takes you places," reminds me a lot of Toyota's "Let's go places." I guess because it's more or less the same tagline. Stillt hese are quite witty and are in some ways a modern take on the classic Bernbach VW ads. The women headline is my favorite.


Mow wherever you are with iMow

Altmann + Pacreau shows off Viking's programmable iMow, a robotic lawn mower that can mow your lawn in your absence.