press & poster ads


Press & Poster ads


Kiwi Foot Deodorant - Boots - (2008) print (Thailand)

Talk about discreet - It took me a second to get it. Prepare to be slightly puzzled and then exclaim "duh!" at this Kiwi ad from Grey Bangkok.


Tide - Surprisingly White - (2008) print (Australia)

From Leo Burnett, Sydney comes this ad campaign that reminds me of telling ghost stories with the help of flashlights. Except, there are no flashlights involved.......


1979 PIA "New York 16 h 30" WTC Twin Towers plane crashing press ad

I don't really know what to say about this PIA press ad from a bygone era... Except, remember when you could do bold graphic image solutions in advertising without offending anyone? Yeah, neither can I. Here's a dramatic black and white press ad for PIA - Pakistani Airlines - advertising that they fly to New York.


Equinox - Candles/Figure Drawing/Natural Beauty/Table (2008) Print (USA)

Equinox's new campaign by Fallon is titled "Happily Ever." The ads feature images of hot bodies posing in provocative positions with the headline "Happily Ever," followed by "What's your after?" in small print.

Adage happened to have some quotes from the senior director of marketing for Equinox on the campaign:

"The big selling point of Fallon was their creativity," said Hillary Benjamin, senior director-marketing for Equinox. "This new campaign is so strategically sound and out-of-the-box that it will exponentially fill the marketplace on its strength."

Commercials: - Motel/Clown/Beach (2008) Print (USA)

The folks at Hanft Raboy and Partners have send in their latest print campaign for The new ad follow the concept from the prior campaign which highlighted the strange reasons why people were rejected by their competitor, eHarmony.

"Our previous campaign “Rejected by eHarmony” received a lot of buzz for questioning the exclusionary tactics of eHarmony. We hope this campaign continues the dialogue."

"Strictly controlled ingredients."
"Onions taken out on request"
"At Burger King we offer extra ketchup made from fresh tomatoes, any time. How w
"pickle in? Pickle out? Only you decide how you want your burger"

Burger King - Veg City - tray liners, Germany

"At Burger King we offer extra ketchup made from fresh tomatoes, any time. How we manage this is of course top secret."
Tray liners for Burger King in Germany.


AMPU - A More Perfect Union - print 2007

The Martin Agency, in Richmond VA created this in order to address racial and religious bias against Muslims in the United States. See full ad inside.

.... and the obligatory Xmas tree. Oh yeah.

Folkway Music Guitar Store Holiday Plectrums - (Canada)

Dressing up a guitar player's best friend in Xmas gard makes a campaign. Ok, it's kind of sweet, I'll give them that.


Coca Cola - Pin Up posters - (2007) (New Zealand)

Sure, FINE, damn you Kiwis just rub it in you have summer down there while we freeze our bums off up here. Just rub it in won't you. In fact, rub it in with a series of coke pinup posters featuring bikini clad babes frolicking with giant bottles why don't you? Go ahead. See if I care.

Chinese womens volleyball team - see the TV commercial that goes with this poste
Zheng Zhi, captain of the Chinese football team.
Hu Jia, gold medallist at the 2004 Olympics in the 10 metre platform dive.
Sui Feifei, basketball player with the Sacramento Monarchs.

Adidas - Together in 2008 Impossible is Nothing - China Olympics print campaign

TBWA China, is already gearing up for the olympics with this "Together in 2008, Impossible is Nothing" campaign, a little rah rah for all the Chinese.