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Press & Poster ads


Quality street Halloween single page press

I don't know about you, but I'm a sucker for well done topical ads, like this example of spooky mood Halloween theme ad that ran in The Sun this week. See full ad inside.


Pioneer Foods - History's produced a lot of bad eggs: Osama Bin Laden, Hitler, Kim Jong Il

I find the Pioneer Foods a little tasteless, which isn't a good thing when they're selling food. Their line is "History's produced a lot of bad eggs. Thankfully, ours are always good. Mulaid Eggs.". Our usual suspects of Hitler and Osama are here, with Kim Jong Il thrown in for variation. Le yawn.


Oregon Humane Society wants to end petlessness

The folks at Leopold Ketel & Partners just launched a new campaign for the Oregon Humane Society. Finding that 1/3 of Oregonians don't have a single pet, they made it their cause to end petlessness by showing that pets really do make the world a better place.

The campaign includes TV, radio, print and outdoor ads.


McDonald's - Fresh Salad (Salad billboard) , USA

McDonald's has fresh salads, to convey this they made sure that their poster literally had fresh salad. Growing on it!

Thousands of heads of lettuce were planted on a billboard. Over three weeks the lettuce grew, from seeds to full bloom to spell out the words FRESH SALADS.

Pretty neat, though I wouldn't want to eat it.


CHE magazine for men - Coupon Skirt (print)

So, if life was they way men wanted it, all skirts would be minis made of paper with the lasses phone number attached, right? Also, all females would be hot and the weather too so we could wear miniskirts all year round. Yup.


Tom Ford – Cologne For Men (2007) Print (USA)

anti-smoking 911

Khaleej Times - Smoking 911 / WTC twin towers - print, UAE

To add to the punch of the visual, this ad was reportedly published in the Khaleej Times on 9/11.


Vogue - Glam Forest (2007) Print (Greece)

The adgrunts at Lowe Athens sent in this campaign for Vogue, a company that makes jewelry and watches.


Bazooka - Air Bag (2007) Print (Brussels)

Little kid and his big pink airbag. Nicely done, Duval Guillaume Brussels very simple.


Tom Ford Perfume For Men - sold by hot wet naked women.

No strangers to controversy Tom Ford decided to launch his new scent by placing the perfume bottles on the shaven genitals of very naked models. No more G's shaved into pubic hair, this time we have no pubic hair at all! Does this mean it smells like pee? I'm not sure, but Terry Richardson probably had a grand old time instructing the model to squeeze the perfume bottle between her breasts as if she was in a porn movie. Whomever the fluffer... sorry... makeup artists was must have been amused too, likely called in to re-apply the shiny oil on her skin every five seconds.

And then they all went home and did more coke. True story.