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Press & Poster ads


UNICEF Venezuela - Breast Milk is Liquid Gold - case study, p.o.s and PSA

In Venezuela over 70% of mothers do not breastfeed. Unicef set out to change this, as mothers milk really is better, and with Leo Burnett they turned breastmilk into a brand ready to compete with all the formulas out there. There was packaging in stores, with a stylistic breast drawn on it of course, and commercials to boot.

Barkach explains :

We made a logo, a package and a whole advertising campaign to promote BreastMilk as a brand, in order to compete hand by hand, advertisingly speaking, against all the artificial formulas in the market.
Is a David versus Goliath kind of fight, that is why we are arming David with a Bazooka.

If you want aromatherapy, take a whiff of the blue crap the combs are in
Moustache trimming prices: men 6 bucks. Women: free
The first to realize you get more business when you install a pole

Universal Barber Shop - Aromatherapy / Prices / Pole - print

Aaah, barbershops. The proper places for men to get their hair cut, shaved and buzzed. No fancy-smancy lavender scented oils, no neon lit salon where your hairdresser has Farah Fawcett's do and hip-wiggle. Barbershops are basic, and traditional. They know the buzzcut, the burr, the businessmans cut. The know how to use clippers and how to taper your neckline and trim your sideburns.


Interbest Outdoor company threatens: advertise here or he gets naked!

Strippers sell! Even if you really don't want to see anyone naked, as your drive to work on your morning commute. This guy was plastered on a large billboard and as the days passed, he stripped off little by little. The line? "The sooner you advertise here, the better..." Right, lets get a half-naked fit young woman up there instead. Poor doofus-dad.


Taringa! - Black cock, Wet Pussy

"Let kids stay kids. Use parental control." says the tagline, and yes, while that works, to convey the selling point... it feels like it's probably been done before.


Hell Pizza: "Come in, Osama, we’ve been expecting you"

This ad ran in the New Zealand Herald today, quite fittingly underneath a news report with the headline: "Bin Laden's death sparks market rally". That was some quick work Barnes Catmur & Friends, well done.


Post-It to Will&Kate on billboard "May you stick together forever".....

The Royal wedding fever is getting redonkulous now, even Post-It® notes are in on it. "May you stick together forever", oh dearie me what an awful pun. But I suppose it'll make the romantics at heart smile.... slamshuts desk-drawer with the box of new Post-It® notes. Won't work on me. Nuh-uh.


Honda Civic - To Each their own - print

Zombies, Gremlins, Mexican wrestlers - have we got the car for you. There's method to the madness, as each character represents a different Civic.

* The Urban Woodsman, Jack, lives in the city but is at home in the woods. He likes his Hybrid for its great fuel efficiency, which comes in handy on his many trips to the great outdoors.

* The Zombie, Mitch, is a salesman who's into high-tech gadgets. His Civic Sedan is loaded with options like Bluetooth HandsFreeLink and navigation system with FM Traffic.

* The Monster, Teeny, is a bubbly and studious college coed. Her practical nature and frugal budget align with the fuel-efficient HF model.


Tropicana "Natural Energy" billboard is powered by... oranges, of course.

What do you get if you take a brief with the proposition "Natural source of energy", add copper, zink, a lot of wiring, oranges, and 3 months of geeking out testing the idea? One awesome billboard, illuminated by actual oranges.


Effing vodka - Effen in the dark, Effen on a plane, Effen anywhere - print

"Everyone enjoys Effen in the penthouse", "Nothing warms me up like Effen by the fire" and "There's nothing more satisfying than Effen on a plane". Nice retro Art Direction I guess but where's the effin' idea!? .... Oh. Right.


Canal+ - Flowcharts | Action Movie / Porno movie - (2011) print, France

"Shooting a film isn't that simple - Canal+ supports those who make movies"

Aaah, we should make a flowchart for our line of work. Nicely designed, laughing hysterically at the porno movie flowchart bonus.

Since I just know you will want to print this and hang on your wall, here's the links for that. Flowchart action movie, and the flowchart porno movie.