press & poster ads


Press & Poster ads


Sports Museum of America

When you count the loves of your life, is sports first or second?


Bonobos Campaign

Here's your chance to tell them "Hey, my eyes are up here"


Find Cleopatra in the classifieds, you could win free tickets

Apparently, Philadelphias most wanted woman is Cleopatra. There are mystery ads appearing in the classifieds on dozens of papers. It reads:

Mysterious, Cunning Queen of Egypt.

Prime suspect in double suicide, invasion of Rome and seduction of world leaders for political gain. 
Last known address – Alexandria, 30 B.C.
Recent sightings in Philadelphia.

Caution: Could be armed with a killer asp. 

Go to FindCleopatra.com to collect REWARD.

Of course, this is a clever way to get people into see the exhibition at The Franklin Institute Science Museum.


NABS - for everyone in the world of advertising, new campaign from RKCR/Y&R

NABS*, the advertising industry support body, has unveiled a new ad campaign showcasing its services for ‘everyone in the world of advertising’.
The new humorous ad campaign created by RKCR/Y&R tackles employment issues but also highlights the many services NABS has on offer from career advice to training. The campaign launches in the trade press and across digital panels at 13 London Underground stations donated by CBS Outdoor. My personal favorite "Global head of international accounts". Man, I should make up a good title like that.


E - Cards (For shiny surfaces)

Shiny surfaces can be fun. And you've got more time for hobbys when using E. Hope you' ll enjoy it.



Absolut - Lemon Drop the movie poster

Here's the movie poster, very retro, for the Absolut - Lemon Drop Trailer and the ten minute Lemon Drop Movie featuring Ali Larter.


Virgin Radio: Keep fresh, Girl & Rock - print, France

"Don't age too fast." is the point this age-retouched image is trying to make. It's a backward Evian water and it doesn't really work at all. Plus it's ringing my "I have seen this before" bells, but for something a lot more sinister than a radio channel.


WhyImAlive.com - Smoking billboard Accident - (2010)

WhyImAlive.com have put up billboards showing people who survived accidents sitting on a gurney in front of their accident sites. Then they sent out cryptic emails: "Have you seen these billboards? Amanda should have died, but she didn't." Amanda Johnson is the woman in the billboard above. She survived a car accident in 2008 that took the life of her friend, Andy Wiersma. Amanda's billboard has real smoke coming out from the car crash depicted behind her. The survivors' stories can be found on a new Avera website "Why I'm Alive.com" along with information that can help you and your family plan for an emergency.



Action made for the launching of Renault Clio 2011 line.


Magic Fm Radio - Dialogues - Mosquito-repellant radio.

Magic FM promised to get rid of mosquitoes by "using a special frequency in the radio signal". Everyone tuned in that summer to try it out.