press & poster ads


Press & Poster ads


Guy Mezger's Combat Sports Club

Poster campaign for a gym in Dallas that specializes in Mixed Martial Arts.

Join Lady Gaga's tour with Virgin Mobile

Join Lady Gaga on her Monster Ball Tour 2011

Lady Gaga is kicking off her Monster Ball Tour 2011 and this is your chance to become part of it.

As the presenting sponsor of The Monster Ball starring Lady Gaga, Virgin Mobile has partnered with Talenthouse to find aspiring bloggers, video journalists and crazed fans that believe they have what it takes to join the ball.

Nine "Little Local Monster" bloggers will be chosen and will get:

  · Attendance to a local Lady Gaga Monster Ball concert (dates and locations below)
  · Access to interview, assist and document behind the scenes of the concert


Luerzer's Archive 200 Best illustrators worldwide 2011/2012 out now!

Do not simply be content with any kind of illustration. 200 Best Illustrators is the perfect tool for those wishing to turn their advertising into little works of art. Numbering no less than 320 pages, this impressive volume showcases the world's best illustrators in the following categories: Advertising, Annuals, Books, Brochures and Calendars. The latest edition boasts an excellent mix of familiar names and new talents. The cover of this new edition comes from India or, to be more precise, from Taproot India, Mumbai. The motifs for Transasia Papers were also awarded a Golden Lion at Cannes in 2010.


Onida Anti reflective LED TV - Hitler Gloria - India

India strikes again! I don't know what it is about their fascination with Hitler (in advertising), but they do love to use him. He's such a simple symbol, and here der führer has a gloria above his evil little head, as the ad is bragging about Onida's anti reflective LED TV's. Yeah, Onida, I'm not sure you want your brand name connected with Hitler.

Break an old christmas tradition.

Break an old christmas tradition.

Stockholm Stadsmission is a Swedish charity organization working for homeless people.
The Print and poster campaign ran in december 2010.

Brand campaigns can suck
Bad brand managers
Choosing an ad agency

Mouse pad posters

Somehow brand naming scores lowest in your average brand manager's scheme of things. Our brief was to shake things up a bit by provoking the brand manager with some mouse pad posters.


Wella SP Professionals haircare - Your Hair's Got Personality

Lovely illustration skills by Ayana Nissan in this campaign for Well Hair from Draftfcb+ Shimoni Finkelstein Barki, Israel. Wella has hair products for every hairtype, be it you're blond, brunette or redhead, a city slacker, beach type or nature lover.


American Apparel switched to pencil illustrations - Boris Lopez erotica style

American Apparel must have recently discovered that nobody was talking about their garage-porn styled photos anymore, so they switched to pencil sketches instead. With pencil sketches they can go even further with their tantalizing tease-images and have the model remove her panties while putting on her best come-hither look. And they're not just any old pencil sketches, these look like the work of Boris Vallejo the master painter of the fantasy and erotica genres whose art hung in every adolescent males room back in the 70s. A match made in heaven, really, the only better one I can think of is the Lynx / Axe posters that used Boris Vallejo's art.

landing page global mood clock
zoom new york latest geo-tagged flickr photo that creates mood colour

Global Mood Clocks website and app

Discover the world’s first Global Mood Clocks that reflect the “mood” of a city by showing the dominant colour from the latest GPS tagged photo uploads to Flickr, as well as the top trending Google and Twitter keywords, all in real time.


Guldäggkampanjen 2011 - Golden Egg award print campaign (and part of book) 2011

To create the campaign, and book, for the Golden Egg awards in Sweden, CP&B Europe CD's Gustav Martner engaged some collegues halway across the word the re-judge last years entries.

"It's not just a ploy, it's about searching for if there is an international language of good ideas" says Gustav Martner.

The last image is a new international diploma, given to the winners from last years award after being "re-judged" with the new international jury.

For full story, see CP&B has the Swedish Golden Egg awards re-judged by international jury and have a peek at The Golden Egg website.