press & poster ads


Press & Poster ads


VW Golf even if you get distracted.

Some fanciful print ads that demonstrate VW Golf's ability to brake even if you are distracted by, well, fanciful things.


Y&R Prague creates watermark recruitment campaign for art directors

Really neat recruitment idea that makes use of art director behavior. Y&R Prague went and partnered with stock photo site Dreamstime and turned their watermarks into a recruitment ad. Brilliant contextual advertising.


Aloft hotels get some fun door hangers.

Sleek Machine created some signage and social posts for Aloft Boston Seaport Hotel touting their appear to people with a "whatever goes" spirit. Fun stuff. At least there's one that says "Please don't disturb," in big bold letters as that's all the messaging I really want on my door.


2 GINGERS gets fiery

2 GINGERS Irish Whiskey was founded by a mother and aunt, both red heads. These ads live up to their quirky unique style and offer up familiar cocktails with a twist. I love the photography and style of these ads. It's like they exist in their own world, rather than trying to piggy back onto the latest social media trend or whatever. They stand out for all the right reasons.


Serve Marketing spells it out in condoms for Get Checked Omaha

Get Checked Omaha and Serve Marketing used unwrapped condoms to spell out copy encouraging teens and young adults to stop the spread of STD's.
Simple message, but effective, too. Just like the condoms. These are running in social as well as out of home. I'll bet they're the ads that stand out when you're driving down I-29.


Element Hotels Periodic Table

The Element Boston Seaport Hotel now has its own periodic table of all the elements needed for a great stay. This was brought to life not only in out of home but as social posts, too.


The Samaritans - ‘We Listen’ - print, UK

The "we listen" campaign uses a simple old trick, where certain words are highlighted to reveal the hidden message, and combined with the portraits of peoples backs it make you realize how important the Samaritans are. They listen, and in many cases they are the only people some can turn to.


Ford thinks your feet have got potential

Because your feet can do wonderful things. Everyone from Neil Armstrong to Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz to Michael Jackson and Godzilla are represented here. Fun way to sell the feature of a foot activated lift-gate to open the trunk.


How fast can you see a physician at Doctors Express?

Faster than you can pronounce your issues. Simple and to the point.


The Directional billboard #McDriveKing - print, France

Near Brioude, a town of 6,700 inhabitants in the Haute-Loire region, two temporary billboards were built. One of them displaying 258km directions, nearly a 5-hour drive to get toe Burger King. The other showed make a left to McDonald's. Here's a short film of the day they put the sign up.