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Press & Poster ads


Okuma - Born To Fish / Babies

So a bearded baby, a pipe-smoking baby and a tattooed baby walk into a bar.... I got nothing.

This campaign seems to be a great fit for what Fred said in Cannes last year about babies in ads, like the tattooed baby and pierced baby in pony family. "Before you only had the "idea" of a babies, you didn't understand." The babies are just prop, a visual translation of the line, and a rather creepy looking one at that.


Shortest Stories

To illustrate the fact that names are the shortest stories of brands, we substituted some legendary names with the briefs that would have possibly given birth to the coinage.


Mentos Rainbow: Lacking Color? Now you can have 7.

Campaign made by NEOGAMA/BBH (a Brazilian advertising agency) for Mentos Rainbow.


Fake ads from the 50s : "Facebook - Striking miraculous social team-up"

Christian just posted this over at Betapond, and explains that they are ads for and ad event called Maximidia held in São Paulo. Fake ads for Facebook and the likes in classic 50s style. In the fifties, they could never have dreamed that we would spend our days interconnected on a world wide web, chatting with far away family and friends at the touch of a button, and tending to our virtual farms, virtual pets or learning a new language from robots that look like maggot-men. They had better dreams!


Room to Read - First Aid

Communicating that literacy is the antidote to many of the problems in developing countries was the goal behind a new campaign for Room to Read, created by The Gate Worldwide. Room to Read is an award-winning international nonprofit organization focused on literacy and gender equality in education in developing countries.

"Books are like medicine," says Mike Abadi, the Associate Creative Director and copywriter on the campaign. "They can cure a lot of problems in the world. To make this point, we placed them in out-of-context environments like inside a medicine cabinet and as steps leading to an employment office."



Even a short trip to the United States can become very expensive if you require medical attention and don’t have travel insurance coverage. These reflective billboards were erected near the US border crossings to remind consumers that Pacific Blue Cross travel insurance coverage is the best way to avoid a financial crisis when traveling.

A few words from the creative:

While Canadians travel within the US, they are without the benefit of our government health care coverage. We created this billboard as a warning and last minute reminder to purchase travel insurance before entering the US.


Scrabble - the power of words / Goldfish eats shark

Where's Caffeinegoddess, the admitted scrabble addict when we need her? I never play scrabble, not sure about the rules, but I can build words on letters from my opponents word, right?

Procter & Gamble Deft : High waisted
Procter & Gamble Deft : flower blouse
Procter & Gamble Deft : Bell Bottoms

Procter & Gamble Deft says "Fashion always returns"

So, why would you want to buy a detergent that keeps your clothes looking new for X washes, really? Deft cuts to the chase and says because fashion always returns. This is very true, and if you can't fit those high-waisted jeans maybe your teenage daughter can.


Eurostar - Another Planet / Aliens

In effort to sell more train-tickets on the Eurostar, TBWA point out that all English are ALIENS. This explains everything. Even Russel Brand. C'mon, lets hop on a train and visit those lovable eccentric extraterrestrials, shall we?



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