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Even a short trip to the United States can become very expensive if you require medical attention and don’t have travel insurance coverage. These reflective billboards were erected near the US border crossings to remind consumers that Pacific Blue Cross travel insurance coverage is the best way to avoid a financial crisis when traveling.

A few words from the creative:

While Canadians travel within the US, they are without the benefit of our government health care coverage. We created this billboard as a warning and last minute reminder to purchase travel insurance before entering the US.


Scrabble - the power of words / Goldfish eats shark

Where's Caffeinegoddess, the admitted scrabble addict when we need her? I never play scrabble, not sure about the rules, but I can build words on letters from my opponents word, right?

Procter & Gamble Deft : High waisted
Procter & Gamble Deft : flower blouse
Procter & Gamble Deft : Bell Bottoms

Procter & Gamble Deft says "Fashion always returns"

So, why would you want to buy a detergent that keeps your clothes looking new for X washes, really? Deft cuts to the chase and says because fashion always returns. This is very true, and if you can't fit those high-waisted jeans maybe your teenage daughter can.


Eurostar - Another Planet / Aliens

In effort to sell more train-tickets on the Eurostar, TBWA point out that all English are ALIENS. This explains everything. Even Russel Brand. C'mon, lets hop on a train and visit those lovable eccentric extraterrestrials, shall we?



Toshiba Resolution +
It doesn't get sharper than this..
A murder has taken place.
See it on Toshiba Resolution +


FirstBank really is here to help - tires out kids before flights for you

Heh, this is a cute execution on FirstBank's We’re here to help” campaign. TDA Advertising & Design, Boulder had the idea to turn a rotating out-of-home display unit into a children’s circular treadmill by making little hands on the poster. Kids tend to be bored at airports too, the only thing I think this needs is some more fluffy rainbow colors and maybe a cartoon bunny for maximum child-attracting effect. ;)


International Spy Museum - Hidden Messages campaign

The International Spy Museum in Washington, DC are still at it, following up on their really cool interactive poster that disguises itself as you walk past it they are running these two campaigns, created by Red Tettemer.

Each execution includes a Text2Go call to action that encourages pedestrians to solve puzzles and uncover the real truth behind the double agent’s various disguises. Staying true to the mysterious Spy brand, there is no revealed incentive until the pedestrian sends a text. The truth is then uncovered and the user is surprised with a coupon for the Spy Museum.


Mentos - Selfishness

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

I just got fired...
Can I keep your stapler?
Mentos Single Pack
Selfishness without guilt
Mini mentos mint


I love hanging out with you. All the boys keep looking at me.


Albert Dali Name Puzzle Posters

Our stark Name Puzzle Posters for Albert Dali Naming Consultants intrigued quite a few. So we decided to befuddle people further with a new series of puzzles!


Blue Cross - Seconds to apply / Stairs / Bike Path

The creatives explain;

We wanted to give viewers the sense that an accident can happen anywhere, at any time. We tried to pick locations where an accident waiting to happen was evident. At that moment it might not be your life flashing before your eyes. More likely it’s the realization that you should have got insurance.