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gorilla poster "satan"
gorilla poster "baseball"
gorilla poster "marching band"

Everything Is Better with a Gorilla Posters

We put these posters up around cities--call it guerilla gorilla marketing.


'Waste is out' boards for Denver Water - recycled billboards ahoy

Clever, instead of wasting anything they just slap the headlines onto old billboards to bring home the message that one should not waste. Simple, yet effective while swishing past it at 60 mph. Just like billboards should be.

Amnesty International France and la chose denounce the violations of human right

Amnesty - Russian Bullet

"We must not let Russia’s charm hide its atrocities."

In 2010, while the French government celebrates Russia across the country, the human
rights question is kept silent. Censorship, racism, murders, forced disappearances…
all still occur frequently in Russia.
Sign our petition :

The house nobody wants to live in
The house nobody wants
29 rooms and a kitchen, that nobody wants to live in
Sign pointing to the house

Ronald McDonald house - the house that nobody wants to live in.

Like the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health campaign created by Zig, Toronto - the Ronald McDonald House campaign have lifted their style from the real estate ads we see each day. But with a twist. Right now we have 14 families waiting. But nobody wants to move in... their first headline states, alluding to the usual queueing system Swedes endure for housing.

In real estate shop windows you'll find their ad stating "The house nobody wants to live in" begging for your attention. In local spots where "apartment for rent" ads normally appear, their note hangs stating "29 rooms and a kitchen that nobody wants"

Flying Football Flag of St George

Virgin Atlantic World Cup Sponsorship - Flying Football Flag of St George

Virgin Atlantic do their own version of the classic footballers "shirt over head" goal-celebration, making an inverted flag of St George with it. It communicates football and flying without getting the church all upset like that Nike Rooney ad did

Oh, and for you adkids out there - this is what the brief said:

One Line Brief:
Promote Virgin Atlantic as the official airline supplier to the England football team
In-depth Brief:
Tap into the atmosphere and buzz that surround the World Cup whilst highlighting that Virgin Atlantic are the official airline supplier for the England team’s trip to South Africa this summer.



Association For Smoker Awareness (ADESF) - World No Tabacco Day (31 May)

Model Behaviour - Volunteers Week 2010 - Model Behaviour
Scottish Volunteering Campaign - - Volunteers Week - Model Behaviour 001
Scottish Volunteering Campaign - - Volunteers Week - Model Behaviour 002
Scottish Volunteering Campaign - - Volunteers Week - Model Behaviour 003

Volunteering - A trend anyone can follow!

Volunteering in Scotland today was given a make-over with the launch of the new 'Model Behaviour' campaign from third sector interface organisation West Dunbartonshire CVS. The campaign is designed to transform the image of volunteering by promoting it as an accessible and natural lifestyle choice.

The campaign, launched as part of National Volunteers Week, features volunteers from West Dunbartonshire with photography by local professional photographer Daren Borzynski.


Strauss Elite Chocolate fingers - packed full of fun.

A huge candy dispenser feeding into a chocolate finger on one of Tel Avis busiest pedestrian bridges. "Packed full of fun"


Huggies - Jeans Diapers - print

Now that Kimberley Clark/Huggies has released this limited edition jeans-inspired diaper line, I'm confused as to what category to put this in. It become "wear and bling" doesn't it?

The phones are tapped. Better talk at the pub.
Identity theft is up. Old-timey mugging is down.
Hell is waiting. But it's a dry heat.
Bad things come in threes. Newcastle comes in sixes.

Newcastle poster campaign: The Lighter Side of dark

Here's the US print campaign that goes with the new tagline showing "the lighter side of dark". For a UK interpretation, see the commercial with Sanjay, the guy who is adopted.