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Ambi Pur Color
Ambi Pur Cornered
Ambi Pur Calvin

Ambi Pur - Calvin, Cornered, Obsession & Color, print Australia

Ambi Pur announces their new fragrance which so unlike any regular toilet cleaner scent that it requires it's own sexy perfume ad execution to get the message across. This doesn't mean you'll get Mr Hot&Shirtless staring deep into your eyes each time you scrub down the loo.... Or does it? I'm buying a box of the stuff just in case.

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The position of the rider
The position of doggy style
The position of the little toad

La Condoneria - RUB-IT! print , Spain

Rub-it! (Doggy style, The little toad & The rider), La Condoneria (The condom shop), Barcelona

A small metaphor of the condoms like rubber gum. And his utilization 'to erase' evidences. The copywrite Rub-it!, also being a part of the slang in the pornographic industry, it refers to erase it, and in turn, as pronunciation or sound to the word Rabbit and the topic that prays ' to fuck as rabbits '.

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Greenpeace Dirty Kev
Greenpeace Dirty Kev
Greenpeace Dirty Kev

Greenpeace - Dirty Kev Rudd - print, Australia

Greenpeace has a new campaign out, created by the Republic of Everyone where everyone shares credit. (What a Mother London thing to do). Just in time for Kevin Rudd's birthday, Greenpeace promises: if Kev Rudd does a dirty deal that backs the coal industry in Copenhagen, we're going to make his name a dirty word.>

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Pharma Agency Ad Not So Pharma-Looking

Okay. You get submissions all the time. And I know 99% of them probably don’t merit the time it takes to look at the jpeg.

But I think this does.

It’s a new one for our agency, MicroMass. Now what makes this ad so different is that our agency currently specializes in…pharmaceutical marketing. We don’t do the pap you see on American tv, but under the radar stuff that only doctors and patients see. Anyway, we thought this was a campaign with an intelligent and straightforward voice in an industry cursed with terrible puns, stock photography and tortured metaphors.

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Abused Red Ridinghood
Abused Snow White

Amnesty International - Abused Red Ridinghood / Abused Snow White- print, Chile

A bleeding snow white and a scratched red ridinghood from Unitas/RNL, Santiago for Amnesty international to highlight abuse against women. I don't understand why both lines involve "daddy" and "mom reading a fairy tale" , but life is clearly not like the fairy tales. We'd get PETA on our ass if we fed a live wolf rocks and then threw him down a well.

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Ad that reads: Hypocrisy killed 1000 times more than 9/11 as reply to DDB WWF ad

In response to the DDB Brazil 911 Tsunami ad kerfluffle and DDB commercial for WWF 911, Truth Machine TM thought they were really clever when they did this.

"Hypocrisy killed 1000 times more than 9/11. It was just advertising. Don't make war about it."

That's nice dear. So you guys have nice jobs in an industry whose tools you now admitted to the world that you don't believe in. Maybe you should try golf or something.

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Korean Flag
Spanish Flag
Swiss flag
Japanese flag
Lebanon flag
Greek flag
India flag
Brazilian flag

Sydney International Food festival - Flags of the world food - print, Australia

There's a new campaign out there which, much like the Cannes winning Flags: meet the world* uses everyones fascination with flags to tell a different story. It's the Sydney International food festival that makes each countries flag out of the food that country is famous for. Yum. I'm missing a yellow cross of cloudberries on a bed of wild blueberries here for dessert... ;)

Food stylist Trish Heagerty, photographer Natalie Boog and the creative team at Whybin\TBWA who drooled their way through their sketchpad thinking all of these flags up with appropriate foods, did such a smashing job on this that they use it for the siff website as well as on books, cards and other media around the event. As you can see, each flag isn't just made of food but also made with foods from each country. The Australian flag looks like damper and vegemite. ;)

(*Not to be confused with Flags of the world: "client comments" film)

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Düsseldorf Panthers – The Tougher Football

Germany prides itself as being a nation of footie lovers. But what if the ball's not round? And it's not the Bundesliga, but the German Football League? How do you get Germans to love a different kind of football?

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Audi fuel efficient ad / road
Audi fuel efficient ad / truck
Audi fuel efficient ad / gauge

Audie - Fuel Efficient / Road / Guage / Truck - billboard UK

BBH London are currently running these 48 sheet posters to promote the more fuel efficient Audi range. The "Guage" one seems like a rather obvious typographic idea but at the same time, nice simple ideas are the best aren't they?

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MIA Thermal imaging HOT lingerie
MIA Thermal imaging HOT lingerie
MIA Thermal imaging HOT lingerie

MIA Lingerie - MIA Thermal imaging HOT lingerie - print, Australia

Hypothetical conversation between the creatives one morning.

Creative 1: What's this MIA stuff? This brief sucks. Why can't we get a beer account?
Creative 2: Yeah but check out the photos, this lingerie is pretty hot. It's even Called Mia HOT.
Creative 1: Oh yeah, hoo momma, that's hot.
Creative 1: Yeah, and this, oh this is hot.
Creative 2: I'd like to show her a trick or two.
Creative 1: Hot.
Creative 2: Piping hot.
Creative 1: Red hot.
Creative 2: Lava hot.
Creative 1: Thermal imaging hot.
Creative 2: Brilliant!
Accountman: Have you guys come up with anything yet? We don't pay you to look at half naked women all day!
Creatives: Oh yeah, we've nailed it. If you need us, we'll be at the pub.

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