press & poster ads


Press & Poster ads


Huggies - Jeans Diapers - print

Now that Kimberley Clark/Huggies has released this limited edition jeans-inspired diaper line, I'm confused as to what category to put this in. It become "wear and bling" doesn't it?

The phones are tapped. Better talk at the pub.
Identity theft is up. Old-timey mugging is down.
Hell is waiting. But it's a dry heat.
Bad things come in threes. Newcastle comes in sixes.

Newcastle poster campaign: The Lighter Side of dark

Here's the US print campaign that goes with the new tagline showing "the lighter side of dark". For a UK interpretation, see the commercial with Sanjay, the guy who is adopted.


Otrivin - Let the sea help you breathe

Otrivin is a nasal decongestant, and tis campaign visualises my nightmares, sorry, that the sea can help you breathe. You might end up looking like Poseidon's bastard child, but hey, at least you can breathe, right? Just hang out next to Lady Gaga when she wears that lobster hat, nobody will notice.


Stolichnaya asks: would you have a drink with you, Hugh Hefner?

Stolichnaya got Hugh Hefner in for a two day shoot, which he happily tweeted about. Why two days? Well, it's because Hugh is seen having a drink with himself. That's Hugh the magazine magnate has a drink with Hugh the chick magnet. The campaign asks would you have a drink with you?. Hugh Hefner has "been distinctive since 1953", and with Stoli at the bar he's no longer upstaged by a bottle of Tanqueray. But then again, he drinks alone.

The commercial:


Amnesty Internations - Rebels / Are you turning your back? - print

Amnesty International shows us a world where massive crowds of people are turning their back to and actively ignoring human rights issues. That's what you are doing when you wave away the street collectors and throw away the membership calls you get in the mail. You ignore the beatings, the public executions, and the pain.


Metalatex Thermal Paint - Perfect temperature / Swenegal, Finrabia, Sudanada - print

Moma, Sao Paolo has created a campaign for a thermal insulating paint that keeps your home at the ideal temperature. Now, how do we tell the punters about this rather neat feature? Easy - a new take on venn diagrams. Where Sweden and Senegal meet temperature-wise must be the perfect temperature!

“Metalatex Thermal Paint. A perfect temperature for your house.”


Young Lions Bulgarian Winner

We didn't manage to find Bulgaria in the list of countries to choose from, so thank you Argentina for creating such great ads.


Young Creatives Poland Winner

Jury tells us that this is stupid to write claim on that ad. What you think?


Protex Antibacterial Soap - the things you touch stay with you

What's that under your nails? Eeeeeeew. Gross.

Playing on the idea “The Things You Touch Stay With You” from Young & Rubicam New York for Protex Antibacterial Soap, these images are showing the bacteria that’s left on your skin until you wash your hands.


Seattle International Film Festival 2010 - "Inside Out"

WONGDOODY’s new “Inside Out” campaign for the 36th annual Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF) includes a poster and print ads that convey a feeling of entering the world of films and being in a place that’s unexpected, special and outside the everyday.