press & poster ads


Press & Poster ads


Young Lions Bulgarian Winner

We didn't manage to find Bulgaria in the list of countries to choose from, so thank you Argentina for creating such great ads.


Young Creatives Poland Winner

Jury tells us that this is stupid to write claim on that ad. What you think?


Protex Antibacterial Soap - the things you touch stay with you

What's that under your nails? Eeeeeeew. Gross.

Playing on the idea “The Things You Touch Stay With You” from Young & Rubicam New York for Protex Antibacterial Soap, these images are showing the bacteria that’s left on your skin until you wash your hands.


Seattle International Film Festival 2010 - "Inside Out"

WONGDOODY’s new “Inside Out” campaign for the 36th annual Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF) includes a poster and print ads that convey a feeling of entering the world of films and being in a place that’s unexpected, special and outside the everyday.



15 modèles à prix déroutants ...
et la route devient plus fun !


PSA turns homeless into asphalt statues

Samusocial.fr show with this 'asphaltisation' that the longer you live on the street the harder it is to get off it. The creative comes from Publicis Conseil Paris who want to raise awareness of the homeless plight and direct people to help via Samusocial.fr. Photographed by Marc Paeps the images show how homeless people slowly turn into asphalt, rooting into homelessness. Creepy.


Super White detergent puts your photo paper at risk.

You don't need to know that the man depicted here -Roger Moukarzel -is a famous photographer in the middle east You do need to understand how developing photographs works though, and these days with digital it might seem quaint if not downright foreign to the kids. With his lab coat cleaned bright white thanks to "Super White" Detergent, all his images are developed black.

True story: In one of my photography classes a girl removed the red lens in order to focus the negative better on the paper. It took her an entire box of papers before she asked the teacher why her prints all came out pitch black.


Life's hard when you're a fat dog. You'll never get lucky.

Nutripro make diet-dogfood, and Prolam Y&R, Santiago shill the goods by pointing out that fat dogs are voyerists. No, I mean, fat dogs don't get laid. Wait, no scratch that, I mean "life's hard when you're a fat dog". Because presumably, female dogs reject fat dogs. Or, they screw the pooch as they're too wheezed out by attempting to run to even consider any amorous activities.


League Against Cancer - Too much sun will ruin a moment

It's not easy to make the sun, which we all love, look like the dangerous entity it actually is. Y&R Lima's visual interpretation in these print ads for the League Against Cancer shows how much sun can damage a photograph, which is only a fleeting moment, as a reminder of how much the sun can damage your skin.

Cannes Lions

Lemon School - Awards - print, Brazil

The D&AD pencil meets a sharpener, the Cannes Lion meets a lion tamers whip, the London International Award meets a slingshot. These images represent the Lemon School in Brazil, who promises to whip young adpups into shape.