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Press & Poster ads


Febreze - Granny / Rose - print, France

Febreze and Grey Paris cut right to the chase with this image of a granny shushing her rose to stop barking. You know, if dogs smelled like roses, I'd have one. Get on that willya, P&G?

Commercials: - Ginger / Beat the odds - print, South Africa

Canvas, Cape town and demonstrate "beating the odds" with a family of redheads. This red headed family of nine has one baby with black hair, but really, the odds of two parents with the mutated MC1R gene to have a redheaded child is actually 1 in 4. (Note that blondes and brunettes can have the mutated MC1R gene.)

Adorama: Streaker
Adorama: Fire
Adorama: Riot

Adorama - Streaker, Riot, Fire - (2010) print, USA

DDB wants us all to remember that life doesn't stop for pictures.

Full Tilt Poker "Losing" - Agency: WONGDOODY
Full Tilt Poker "Play Like Ivey" - Agency: WONGDOODY
Full Tilt Poker "Walk" - Agency: WONGDOODY

2010 Full Tilt Poker "We Play" Campaign - Agency: WONGDOODY

WONGDOODY debuts its latest international campaign for online poker site Full Tilt Poker. The new campaign’s sophisticated black-and-white creative executions position the brand as the purveyor of true poker, and feature the 14 professional poker players who make up Team Full Tilt. The message of “constant improvement,” which research and focus groups identified as a key driver for true poker players, is prevalent throughout the work. The 2010 Full Tilt Poker campaign will consist of nine TV spots and 10 prints ads shown in more than 20 countries.

Top ad: "Losing is beautiful.


The First Bladder-Friendly Festival

From Atletico International in Barcelona, Spain: "Alfred Hitchcock said: "The length of a film should be directly related to the endurance of the human bladder." This quote was our inspiration for our last campaign for MECAL, Barcelona Short Film Festival. From now on, the first bladder friendly festival."


Kimberly-Clark/Depend - People Know (2010) Print (USA)

JWT NY has launched new TV and print ads for Kimberly-Clark’s Depend brand.


This is not - CCFD-Terre Solidaire

The non-profit association CCFD–Terre Solidaire, first French development NGO, supports local initiatives in South and East developing countries. Their new campaign invites us to look at these countries in a different way and to go past our stereotypes through an optimistic and original creation. To fight against stereotypes, the campaign borrows the Surrealism codes.

Seek Inspiration
Active Noise Cancellation
Forest Air

"Way of Infiniti" M Launch Campaign

From TBWA\Chiat\Day: "The essence of every Infiniti is captured in two brush strokes of a shodo artist brush. Within them lie not only the design character of the vehicle but the emotional experience the car is intended to create. TBWA\Chiat\Day has taken this ancient art form and modernized it into a series of shodo icons that represent the inspirations and features that make up each car.

RelaxZen will give last minute tax filers that tax refund feeling.

New York City To Get that Tax Refund Feeling.

April 15. Last day to file taxes. RelaxZen, a relaxation beverage company, will be stationed at the main Post Office in New York City where 1,000's of last minute tax filers (who usually owe money to the government) will each receive bottles of RelaxZen to give them that "tax refund feeling."


Cool outdoor, a refrigerator billboard for Coke

Coca Cola and McCann Erickson, Istanbul built a refrigerator poster at a bus stop, Looks like it was held together a bit sturdier than the double sided tape that Sdsvenskan used on the billboard I broke.