press & poster ads


Press & Poster ads


Kombi 60 Years of Brazil from Recreio VW

The most popular cargo car in Brazil since 1950 deserves an ad on its 60th birthday

Happy Father's Day from Recreio, Volkswagen dealer, shows shows the old beetle a

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day from the beetle and his son the new beetle.


SKY TV - Tiger is back!

DDB New Zealand and SKY TV announce that Tiger is back on the green by ...HEY WATCH THE ROAD!


Colgate Dental Floss: Chicken, Beef, Broccoli

A new campaign for Colgate Dental Floss: Chicken, Beef, Broccoli

Food for thought


The Blind Click

Headline and copy text (in English): A disabled person can do much more than you think. Proof of this is that this photo was taken by a blind man. / Visit and find out how this ad was made.

superman is dead!

Auto Depot - Superman - print, Israel

Description: A print campaign to create awareness and warn consumers of the effects of drink-driving around the festive period of Purim (a Jewish festival where it is customary to wear costumes and be merry).


Heinz - Last Drop / Squeeeeeeeze - Israel

When you really want the last drop.
Name of project: Last Drop
Client: Heinz
Running date March 2010

Beit Lohamei Haghetaot

Beit Lohamei Haghetaot - Holocaust awareness - print, Israel

Saatchi Israel describes this print ad: "Holocaust denial is a real and frightening concern. BBR Saatchi & Saatchi created this print campaign to increase awareness and combat Holocaust denial"


Moulinex Blender - Billboard 'Mix'

Briefed with positioning the Moulinex Blender as 'the best food processor in the world', and with a limited media budget, BBR Saatchi & Saatchi Tel Aviv created a unique billboard - specially 'mixed' by the advertised product.


The song above was written by Schumann as an expression of his love for his wife, Clara. The song below was written by Brahms as an expression of his love for Schumann's wife, Clara.

AWARDS: One Show, Bronze / Single, Silver / Campaign, Communication Arts Advertising Annual