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Press & Poster ads


Moulinex Blender - Billboard 'Mix'

Briefed with positioning the Moulinex Blender as 'the best food processor in the world', and with a limited media budget, BBR Saatchi & Saatchi Tel Aviv created a unique billboard - specially 'mixed' by the advertised product.


The song above was written by Schumann as an expression of his love for his wife, Clara. The song below was written by Brahms as an expression of his love for Schumann's wife, Clara.

AWARDS: One Show, Bronze / Single, Silver / Campaign, Communication Arts Advertising Annual


Licht für die Welt / Light for the world - animated smiling posters

30 Euro changes everything - and to demonstrate they turned the "blind" symbol into a smiley face. Very simple, very clever, very to the point. Very well done, kids!

The best part is that some of the posters were "animated", taking advantage of the poster types, and such a simple animation could be easily viewed in in traffic. Very clever use of media.


TBWA\G1 & TBWA\PARIS launch new Nissan Qashqai Campaign: “Artistic Paintball”

TBWA get down and dirty with paint for Nissan, this print campaign is shot by photographer Vincent Dixon staging the car avoiding paintballs on the city streets. The online part of the campaign lets the audience to follow QASHQAI’s journey to Urbanproof on www.nissanurbanproof.com - and finally the commercial which was shot over a period of six days in Bangkok shows the car dodging paintbullets left and right. THere's a 90 second "making of" film here for you geeks who want the behind the scenes action.

Sarah Palin
Knitting Needles
The Electric Car
The Polar Ice cap

Newstalk 1010 - “Make Sense of What Doesn’t”

Zig’s new campaign for Newstalk 1010 is inviting people to make sense of what doesn’t – like the fact that Sarah Palin is a bestselling author – by listening and contributing to the conversation on the Toronto radio station. The campaign which shows some of the currently debated topics in graphic form, takes the form of billboards, TSAs, elevator wraps in Toronto’s downtown core and online banners. Speaking of the electric car, I totally want a Tesla model S, pretty sleek right?


Mazda MX-5 - Use condoms

Print campaign to advertise the 2-seater Mazda MX-5 roadster

Tagline: Use condoms! Mazda MX-5. There's only room for two


H-57 Creative commandments

"Creativity has no rules. Well, almost no rules. We’ve found our personal ones and wrote them down. Or, to be more precise, drew them on paper, cut out the pieces and glued them on a big cardboard. By the end of the project, we realized that these rules are what really guide us every single day.


K-Swiss - ‘You gotta know your classics’ Campaign

Forty-four years after its launch, K- Swiss is finally telling The Classic’s story.

The timing of The Classic storytelling campaign comes on the eve of K-Swiss’s launch of a whole new era of Classics. Before introducing a whole new generation of Classics, K-Swiss thought it was time to set the record straight about its quietly iconic shoe. And it’s only fitting that the company a few secrets in the process. Like what the ‘K’ in its name actually stands for, or why its original owners only produced a single shoe twenty years long. The campaign tackles these answers and more in a story that stretches across 8 short chapters under the campaign motto: ‘You gotta know your classics.’


Penguin Books - World of your own - print, Hong Kong

Looking at this guy, who at the famous road junctions Piccadilly Circus in the west end in London somehow manages to be totally alone, my mind immediately jumped to that Twilight Zone episode "Time Enough at Last" where Henry Bemis seeks solitude to be able to read his beloved books, and when he finally finds all the time in the world he breaks his glasses.

"That's not fair. That's not fair at all. There was time now. There was all the time I needed... ! It's not fair!"

Poor Henry Bemis. Oh right, this sells Penguins. Yeah, I need some books. Or another Twilight Zone marathon.

Air Bag

Hyundai Air Bag

EPS stability system

Helps you avoid a close encounter with the air bag.
(You have to get close to read it)