press & poster ads


Press & Poster ads


"Breastfeeding stickers" by Boone Oakley

Boone Oakley created a poster campaign and stickers for hospitals to encourage, and help, new mothers to nurse. The first to adopt them is Women and Babies Hospital, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.


#SexfactsOmaha aims to debunk teen sex myths by exposing them

Serve marketing has created the campaign “Get the Sex Facts Omaha”, that aims to debunk some of the widely spread myths young people have about sex, and hopefully open up for conversations with their parents about sex.


You might have pre-diabetes.

86 million Americans have pre-diabetes. You can reverse that or prevent that by taking care of your diet and exercising. Go to DoIHavePreDiabetes to learn more. I love the humor here.


D4 uses real workers for its Martin Law Firm campaign

In addition to its spot featuring real workers, the print, OOH and websites for Martin Law, created by Philly-based D4, also feature real workers. Again, I wish there was some backstory to the men and women featured here, but at least it's not the usual b.s.


Rainbow touch on Visit West Hollywood's Annual Travel Guide via M&C Saatchi

By the looks of it, M&C Saatchi let their designer have free reign, to show us Weho, the predominantly gay neighbourhood in the middle of L.A where naturally, creativity, design, style and all the happening nightclubs center. This is an annual travel guide that shows off the area's 1.9 miles of energy and style in the heart of LA.


Must Bubble Gum's long lasting flavour '45' & the stinkiest print ad ever

The only thing that would make this ad better is if it was some sort of scratch and sniff print, but the photograph's treatment of all the lovely but stinky-breath foods has the same effect visually. Radishes, onions, glorious garlic flowers and spicy sausage crowd the page and make you wish for a stick of minty gum.


When it comes to Celebrity Cruises, modern luxury Llves here

From a lawn perfect for mid-afternoon picnics, to decadent chocolates and the best most interesting wines around, Celebrity Cruises has it all.


Balmain brings back Claudia, Cindy and Naomi for spring 16 campaign

They're baaack... Claudia Schiffer, Cindy Crawford, and Naomi Campbell show that despite years gone by and babies had, they are still fit, leggy as all get out and can strike a pose like no other. There's a reason these ladies were in the super model posse in the 90s, they know their angles.


See in the dark with Seek Thermal Outdoorsman

These print ads were created for the 2016 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Which I assumed, because I've yet to sell a client on the word "bastard," in a headline.


Virgin Holiday wants you to dream bigger this January

There's gonna be lots of sales, so dream bigger! I would also dream bigger by not using puns, (full board, ffs) but that's just me.