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Press & Poster ads


Road Safety / Marketforce Perth - Electronic Stability Control - press Australia

"Tear along the dotted lines to see Electronic Stability Control at work" *tear tear rRrrRiiiiP*

and then...

Same ad again. With your super-crooked tear-line showing what ESB stops you from doing. It's a newspaper demo!

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Yahoo - Obituary for Australian Cricket / Ashes - print UK

If you've been hiding under a rock lately (or avoiding everything adlandsuit has tweeted - hehe) you might have missed that there has been cricket going on. Nick Burcher found a bunch of Ashes cricket ads in the UK press this morning with this obit style ad from Yahoo, declaring the death of Australian cricket. I haven't paid any attention to the games, but I think that's a response to the cocky SBS / Ashes truck ads.

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Siren by Paris Hilton - print, USA

There are too many jokes on fishy smells here, I'd rather not say anything.

It's described as " tropical floral fragrance with notes of vanilla bean and creamy musk " which sounds like a turnoff in itself.

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Clean poster
Spray painting the posters
text appears

Fjällräven - Dirty Poster / "Fresh air" - Ambient Sweden

Last Monday, a set of two posters appeared looking rather cryptic. One of the posters was simply white, while the other one had a photograph of a tent on it. Cars passing by had to wonder was that it? on their daily commute.

Of course that wasn't it. When the posters went up they were prepped, old-school style, with stencilled letters and a few cans of classic sports glue which works a lot like spraymount. The cars passing by helped spread dust and minor particles to soon reveal the text carefully stenciled on to the poster site.

The brainchild of Göran Broberg at ad agency Röjning it's been a long road to finish, "I'm an old handball player and realized that you could use the glue for this" he tells resumé, no doubt after seeing basketball courts full of those little black lines, the telltale sign of said glue being used. The next step was to find a spot where the billboard would attract dirt. "We found a spot on Huddingevägen which is one of the busiest streets in Sweden, we knew they'd get dirty there."

The line that the billboard finally reveals reads: "A little fresh air will do you good" as a massive hint to all the commuters to get away from the busy roads and out camping for a while. Now they'll even know the price of a decent tent - 5200 SEK, as the second poster says.

And before everyone Badlands this, yes we know, It's not the first sticky poster we've seen.

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Tena Evolution print

TENA - Evolution - print Canada

This is the print ad that goes with the TENA - Evolution commercial. Less exiting but placed in womens magazines, a simple portrait of three generations of women does stand out.

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Crab stain
Spaghetti stain
Hamburger stain
Hot dog squid

Ariel - Hot Dog, Spaghetti, Crab, Hamburger, print China

OH MY GOD watch out for the KILLER KUNG FU FOOD! I must admit, I love the cartoony art direction of this. There's a killer squid in the mustard of the hot dog and a throwing star in the ketchup of the hamburger. I know a three year old who sees all food like this. Procter and Gamble, keep this sort of thing up and I might forgive you for other ad crap soon.

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Eagles Cactus
Eagles heart
Eagles Hay

Eagle Awards call for entries - Cactus, Heart, Hay - print, South Africa

The Eagles Print Awards again. The award was established in 1996 and the Black Eagle is so tough to win it's only been awarded five times - so send them your best, your blood sweat and tears... Your creative ideas that were like giving birth to a cactus? Ok, I'm officially grossed out. What was this award for again? Ah, yes, Best newspaper advertising.

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Virgin Megastore - Audio book jackets- print, United Arab Emirates

Books are always a good visual. Rows of books backs are pretty! Book Warehouse -Test Pattern ad from a while back. Here the books show off that they come in audio form at the Virgin Megastore.

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Urban Rush Movers - Fast moving / Fridge, Wardrobe, Coffee table - print, canada

Hear ye hear ye, when you call Urban Rush movers in Canada to get your household moved quickly, efficiently and carefully, they're not kidding about the whole rush part.

My favorite is the fridge. Love the no-paint behind it touch.

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Tabaconomia / Calculates Tobacco Costs - Car / Fridge

This execution shows smokers what they're giving up when they smoke, cars, a new fridge.. We all know it's a lot of money. How much exactly can be figured out on the website

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