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Press & Poster ads


Magielle - Too Sexy - print, Romania

In order to sell Magielle, we had this idea, This lingerie’s is so hot, it's more taboo than nudity. So we placed the pixels on the lingerie instead of the model.

Kids Company: Christmas

Kids Company - Christmas Alone - print, UK

December 14th sees the launch of AMV BBDO, London's Christmas campaign for Kids Company, which will raise money to help fund the annual Christmas Day event the charity stages to support over 1000 children.
Through impactful creative and innovative use of traditional media, the campaign encourages the public to donate £5 to help fund this year's event, which provides gifts, food and company on Christmas Day for young Londoners whose circumstances preclude a traditional family celebration.
The campaign has been developed around the premise that 'no child should be alone at Christmas', using the physical and emotional loneliness often experienced by the vulnerable young people who turn to Kids Company as the creative inspiration.


Ford Focus – Hi-end sound system as standard (2009) Print (Israel)

The folks at BBR Saatchi & Saatchi Tel Aviv bring us a print campaign to advertise the hi-end sound system that comes as standard with all 2010 Ford Focus models.


Auto Depot - Winter Check 2010

BBR Saatchi & Saatchi Tel Aviv created an initiative based print campaign for the Auto Depot chain, inviting customers to a free winter safety check.


Barnardo's - Hero - poster, Ireland

The Hive, Dublin had Adrian Stewart take this portrait of "our hero character from our recent tv ad" and use this as the supporting poster campaign to go with Memories. The campaign launched mid november and is already going really well in terms of donations made to Barnado's.

Eye and worms

Bharat Eye Bank - Eye Feast - print, India

One might try the sexy way of encouraging organ donation like Duval Guillaume did when they stated "it's the only way you'll get inside of her". We might try the heart-tugging way by showing all those who will be helped by your donation. Or we might cut straight to the chase: having your eyeballs eaten by worms seems rather gross and a waste to boot. Let someone else have your eyes instead.


Toshiba - LED has arrived- print, Israel

LED has arrived proclaims this print ad which turns the flat screen on its head making it look like a UFO. UFO has arrived? Bah, one TLA is as good as another. FWIW, IMHO, YMMV.



Regular self examination can help detect early signs of the Breast Cancer.


Lynx (Axe) - Snow angels - print, UK

Brief: Encourage use of the portable "Lynx bullet", so you may be perfume-prepared in case there are any girls around whom you might want to .... impress.

Main Visual of Campaign 'Fuck You AIDS!'
Poster Fuck You AIDS!
Advertising Fuck You AIDS!
Kit 'Against AIDS'

Fuck You AIDS!

The AIDS is BAD: he respects neither age, nor sex, nor religion or social class. It is aggressive, virulent and bad-mannered. Such a complex problematics, full of edges that to interpret and factors of diverse nature that to neutralize deserves a simple, direct and forceful response. Because of it, we are going to treat to the AIDS like it deserves, giving him a good dose of his own medicine.