Ads that looks like other ads thread (pics here too!)


Ads that looks like other ads thread (pics here too!)


Arity, so we've done the oversexed ads, how about ads that look like other ads?

Like this French Pepsi light ad, implying that Pepsi is a perfume..? Eeeew.


Oh poo, I thought you guys would be all over this thread by now.

LOL I think they should have made it look like Evian (refreshing like Pepsi :p) and not as a perfume. Not that "seksy" for me. :p

Actually I'm not even sure that ad is French. The whole "sexy drink" feels kinda japander to me.

Totally forgot about these in this ancient post, but all of them are made to look like another ad or magazine cover. Linkie:

just don't see why drinking pepsi light is sexy.

She's not even drinking it, she using it as a perfume, yuck. That ad is just strange.

What about "ads that were a really bad idea", wuch as wrapping babies in cellophane. This is a real dupont ad.

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