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Indeed. Using a woman as an object as they are so bluntly doing here hardly advances anyone's cause.
Though men may, in fact, rampage their way to the store, will they really buy women's jeans for themselves? OK, maybe for their girlfriends:-)
This list mirrors exactly my feelings and experiences I have had for years. It's amazing and unfortunate how things never change. I'd disagree (well, more like comment on) point 4. You want the...
Part of above comment. After agency exec says, "I can't take a shit for $5,000," client shoots back, "What does TFA (name of agency) stand for, the three fuckin assholes? (three agencu execs were...
Agency makes big presentation to supposedly big client. At the end of presentation, client says, "I only have $5,000." To which agency exec responds, "I can't take a shit for $5,000."
Here's a post about it:
Here's the spot:
Thes ads appear to actually have been created by Mullen and not TBWA according to this AdWeek article:
Yea, PUMA, pay up:-) I too carried the Meme and didn't get a Slate mentions either :-(