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Love your work, Phil, and your site got my vote ... but please know you're not the only blog focused on interactive advertising. May I correct the record?
My hobby blog,, is an...
"Low budget" look and feel right down to the static gif online ads. If you missed the campaign, we've archived it here - Rolling Rock Beer Ape 300x250
Great story ~ congrats on the scoop! Cool as these television ads are, Movielink's current online advertising remains completely and utterly uninspired:
Movielink online ads
Given that they're an *...
Hi -
Online movie ad buffs can continue their digging here with the online ads being used in the "My Super Ex-Girlfriend" campaign:
Yes, very clever move by Hormel.
It appears they've underwritten the placement of both these contextual ads on Google and the recipes themselves on RecipeSource.
If nothing else, they've gotten a...
FYI, here's my collection of Apple/Mac's "Intel inside" online derivative executions of this television campaign:
Please check 'em out, give them a rating, and let me...