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And you don't have to be a designer to loathe the sub-sub-par typography on both of these.
I guess there are only so many bad, candy-related puns you can make about Civil War-era confections...
The thing that kills me is that the ASA wants everything to be so politically correct, but they're perfectly willing to accept that attractiveness=success.
Yes. And "To Keep Burglars Out, Close Your Windows" might be a good response along those lines.
Didn't Icehouse start doing a version of this in the beer category years ago? ("We make the beer. You make the ads.")
The "band's" four songs are freely available for download on the site. And they're even pretty good--in a masochistic sort of way. But it's the integration of such diverse elements (from the TV...
And judging by the look on Lee's face, that could be just about anything...
With this kind of brilliant marketing tactic, is it any wonder that the Japanese are trouncing American auto makers?
Yeah, that's kind of the impression I got...
I'm genuinely surprised that natural selection hasn't weeded out some of these people by now...
Hey, I like kitty kisses too--albeit followed by a healthy lather with antibacterial soap!
Does anyone else find it disturbing that the main image in an ad for a product that manages cat waste is a giant tongue?
If the idea is to create a product based on a logo, then what would this be?
Sorry about the damn typos in the first paragraph. Now I see why I've gotten to know our agency's proofreader so well!
I wonder if men's blotting paper is heavily advertised in Japan. And if so, what does that say about the culture.
If it were a CP+B ad, the headline would probably be "Pimp." ;-)