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You slay me.

Did anyone else see that Dutch boomerang postcard (I know there are Dutch adgrunts here and would like their input on this) where Anne Frank was wearing one?...

Ricky Martin approves of this thread.



How many stopped watching after 15 seconds? I don't understand what they're saying at all.

Eye-opening coffee, America really does run on Dunkin.

Yeah the police van is the whole campaign.

Meh. How to get viral spread 101 - mock viral videos.

Not as good as his previous video but still really good stuff.

Well then.

I guess for extra credits, he should have made the drawing match more realistically to DHL's hubs. This is what a real adgrunt would have had to do.

Still, with all that...

How very true. I never read them.

This is viral now isn't it? I can't turn to a website without seeing this linked.

Dis dood shuld be giving us edumakayshun. Fucking awesome.

I've seen the SNL spoof of Bob Ross. Bob Ross is funny without the spoof.

"No, that's a transvestite"

Only in Adland would a thread on a Dutch ad devolve into where to learn Klingon on tape.

Everyone knows that agencies only do pro-bono work so that they can enter it into shows.
So wait, this could actually work.........

Seriously though, there's an insane amount of "...

Rip-off to the core.