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It's got a nice Fantasia-like feel to it, but I have to be honest: I could comfortably live the rest of my life without seeing any more cutesy anthropomorphized animals.
For what the brand is, it's kind of cute.
Funny stuff. The first two bits get a bit old around the fourth repeat or so, but still enough good gags to keep it going.
Yuck. This is NOT what I was talking about somewhere else, where I suggested a Hodgman spoof would be a good thing. They just took the Hodgman line and pasted it onto their normal ineffective...
The FDA has recalled this ad citing overwhelming evidence that it is causing brain anyeurisms. So far 12 people have actually had their brains explode
Now THAT'S funny! Hey, if they play out the...
Can you imagine putting "absolutely safe" and "accidental discharge impossible" on ANY ad these days? You sure won't see it in the next Trojan campaign.
Aaah, I guess I'm just an old sap. I loved it. I found it an inspiring "go get 'em, tiger, we're all behind you" message. I suppose you could see as over the line into hero worship or Chinese...