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Feels really fresh which is great considering what a boring proposition they must have been writing to.
Great work. It's nice to see public service advertising that's designed to be effective and not just designed to win awards.
I'd have to agree with JCEFalconi. The illustrations are a beautiful piece of whimsy, but the copy is utterly charmless and doesn't fit the art work at all. Such a shame, I'd have tried to get my...
They're all beautiful pieces of work, I'm sold.
Is that it? Their big idea is an arrow pointing to water an Antarctic penguin would stay out of. Surely theres a better way to advertise diving than that.
They're promoting their channel aren't they? Not a specific brand. It seems to make perfect sense to me.
Um, it's not actually an ad for a brand of condoms - isn't that obvious? I thought it was pretty funny.