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Causing an uproar seems to be the only purpose of this ad. I watch the show regularly and I'm not even sure who that is in the ad, and it doesn't make me want to watch it.
Yeah I go to Super Target over the other grocery stores just because they always have the best samples. The other day it was pecan tarts, chocolate cheesecake, tortellini, cuban bread, and sausage...
I think we should put some of these up in Miami and other spanish speaking hotspots ;-)
never even noticed the new tab until I read this and went to check it out. I personally am so used to the google ad banner up there that I completely ignore it.
and is this suppose to make me WANT to drink folgers coffee?
uhhh, don't they have anything slightly more violent to complain about?
you've gotta give it an A+ in the attention factor though... not that it makes you want to eat there.
If only it wasn't so deathly pale!
I didn't know there were tags, so I've never used them.
This was the ad of the month?
It worked fine on my mac too, but I was confused by the answers. I'm working on an organic makeup projects, so my clients like to be healthy, fashionable, etc. and it was throwing things in about...
my thoughts exactly.
The Volkswagon one seemed a little disjointed to me... the tag line didn't really seem to fit with the ad.
Actually, that is a very wise business move on Ford's part, considering that the christians control about 20% of America's market, and gay people only control about 2%.
I saw this ad in the Nov. issue of InStyle
Ok, as a member of Tremor, I say "DUH!! Do they think we are stupid enough not to think that somebody is paying these people?" The fact is that these companies want our feedback so they can turn...