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Swedes! get the fuck out of Beijing Olympic!
You are not welcome!
spamtrap? I am totally banned fr accessing this site under normall circumstance...
but here I am and fuck off your cleverish spamtrap!
yes I can not read your little language, but tell me if I have...
wake up! wake up!
are you saying you are willing to accept the hatred? or what are you trying to say?
what is your point?
do you really understandwhat is hatred and why they like it so much?
they know it was wrong and they started it...
they got the attention but refusing apology
they were told off but still go ahead in their country...
they put shait on your face
and you ask them...
there is no sheep shaggeers here...would you please go away? and close the door on your way out?
the whole shait should never have happened in the first place!
hope you can understand!
it was a conspiracy started from London's Street...where all the 'shouting' and 'swearing' started!
I feel sad...
no you idiot, I am going to advertise it internationally, not domestically!
the new saying is "arguing with Swede-ish Red-X", you understand the bitch?
in English of Ali G,
dabitch=da bitch=the bitch
you thought you have successfully banned me from access adland and start bitching me here...
fuck you!
I understand some might have different view with me because I see things in a different way
Jake brought attention of everyone of this ad, perhaps he is a regular visitor of this site.
after reading...
I am not anti-Swedish. I am anti-prostitutes
what's wrong bitch?
Access Denied.
that is very harsh you know?
"We think it is important that young people in Sweden may be an opportunity to engage in human rights - that is why the campaign to continue to be in Sweden just as planned."
This makes me hate...
Efter en telefonkonferens med Federationen under gårdagen (17/7-2008) stoppar RKUF med omedelbar verkan all internationell annonsering (dvs alla banners) av kinakampanjen.
Vi tycker att det är...