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Somebody really liked "Truth in Advertising."
Fun tweet in the background, too.
Add to the list, from a few years ago.
Snus is actually the name Camel is using for their smokeless tobacco line, too.
Not nearly as creepy as the Psyop ones with the athletes walking on top of the Chinese people, in my opinion.
I thought this one was pretty damn funny, delivery-wise.
And it's way more on brief. I would have done documentary-style :30 cuts of pieces like this instead of trying to recreate the feel of Balls with a :60. I think that would have been more effective...
This was probably done with interior window decals, no?
Though a similar stunt with a billboard moving up and down a building would be awesome.
What's up with the modified version of the Bangles' "Walk Like an Egyptian" at the end?