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Consumers engaged in conversation:
"I don't get it."
"There's nothing to get."
But they give you an entire uniform! Most places, you just get badly-made briefs.
Gut instinct?
Not to get all forensic on ya, but in addition to the other questions I raised, the edges and corners of both the buildings and the billboard are amazingly crispy-straight, even when...
Pretty cool idea!
For awards entries, do they mind if you Photoshop the "real" sky to match the ad? Do kids in Mumbai look like that? Didn't anyone freak when their balcony got covered up by a...
Thanks for reminding me; I also don't mind sentences ending with a preposition.
No, what I really meant to say is exactly what I said. In the case of the LG ad, should the copy read (in all caps) "THE HOT NEW SERIES OF TVS?" What the hell is a TVS? They had four choices: TVS...
Sometimes the rules get in the way of clarity. In the case of abbreviations, I think the apostrophe makes it more clear that the abbreviation doesn't include the 's.' For that matter, I'm also...
My predictions:
1. ABC will sell the first one cheap.
2. The first advertiser will be someone who’s comfortable with risk.
3. The first advertiser will also have a marketing department with...
I'm in a bus shelter 'cause I can't afford to drive. Free food behind a piece of plastic. No brainer.
Hey Michelin Man. Bi? Bendum!
Hey Joe Camel... hump this!
Hey King, that's not I meant by "hold the pickle."
Hey, Puppet... you sock!
A Yank-ism. "Bird" = middle finger.
Hey Clarence... stick THIS bird in your eye!
Hey Colonel... batter this!