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I think the phrase that ruins this ad is "I'm a PC and more happy is coming." At first, we think she's just a little girl who made a slide show out of some random reviews with cute pictures...

Isn't this video a deterrent for guys who want to travel to Denmark and have casual sex? The caption should read

"Denmark: Sleep with whomever you want but be prepared for a depressing...

Nevada's only hope is to elect the guy who played the T-1000 in Terminator 2 as governor. This will force California into the lose/lose situation of appointing Linda Hamilton to a position of...

Finally something to make sex with that special vampire girl in your life a little less frigid.

Man: "Baby, go put on your thermal lingerie."
Woman: "But it burns."
Man: "You...

Even the copy makes it sound like someone captured this girl and made her pose in a hotel room.

"Ryan wears the classic unisex Flex Fleece zip hoody" could easily get followed by:

I wonder if someone actually killing someone else after eating an Angry Whopper would help or hurt the burger's sales?

PETA needs to work on ad clarity. For a moment, I thought there were obese women standing on beaches across the country, scanning the shoreline for fresh whale.

I guess we'll never know what kind of hoodie Goliath was wearing.