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I'm a creative director and copywriter with digital, integrated, and traditional expertise. I love sound strategy and great executions.

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The smoking ad comment makes me think of this ad I found.
Doctors were used quite frequently (or someone playing a doc) to help prove that they were safe. Here's one of the many Camel ads:
I think there is something else I should be doing but these are fun. :)
I predict that the Tag campaign will get killed at the end of the year.
Thanks Bernard. Ooh, write-in categories are a good idea. I might need to post another board of two with that.
This year, I'm doing an experiment this year to see if knowing nothing of what I'm...
Geez, it's like the Groovecutter/French Connection deal from earlier this year. Maybe they saw all the press that got and decided to go for broke.
Mrs. Butterworth is also back, although she hasn't been gone for that long.
Ah yes that Maxim thing. Thanks Mr. McClure!
See I knew there was more...must have blocked that one out for some reason. ;) The website for the Endangered Man campaign for Maxim is here....
Interesting...reminds me a bit of the Saatchi copying Saatchi badlander from earlier. :)
Oooh, also Oedipus complex with a fight for kisses!
Honda Civic does a tribute to Tron - watch it in the archive here.
Holy crap! I think if one of those rays of sunshine got near me singing like that, they wouldn't be so happy. ;)
Definitely more edgy than those Jimmy Dean Sun ads from last autumn.
More bad shapes! Found here.
How about Mariska Hargitay for a young Mary Wells Lawrence (she'd have to go blond I think though). And for an older Mary Wells Lawrence, perhaps Susan Sarandon?
How about Helmut Krone and Tom "Mr. C" Bosley?
Howard Luck Gossage will be played by stand-up comedian Greg Proops.