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CommercialsHyundai "Wow: Sonata" (2015) :30 (USA) kidsleepy71 hour 27 min ago
Print, billboards, press ads, ambientBoston wants you to get wrapped and plow snow. Dabitch02 hours 21 min ago
StoryWhat kind of Dog are you? Dabitch62 hours 23 min ago
StoryYo-ho-ho and a badland of rum - Say hello to Captain Malibu. claymore12 hours 24 min ago
CommercialsPepsi - Straw (1995) - 0:30 (USA) Dabitch32 hours 25 min ago
CommercialsTarget "The perfect swim fit" (2015) 2:36 (USA) kidsleepy12 hours 57 min ago
StoryMince Mary advert the most complained about ad last year. Dabitch03 hours 17 min ago
CommercialsToronto Zoo - Bugs Rock/Hiss You (2007) 1:40 (Canada) caffeinegoddess13 hours 21 min ago
Print, billboards, press ads, ambient'Scuse me, have you seen Carlsberg's passport? Dabitch33 hours 25 min ago
StoryMary-Kate and Ashley Olsen parodied by PETA (badly) Dabitch33 hours 29 min ago
StoryDemonic kids in vintage ads Dabitch13 hours 36 min ago
StoryWelcome to North Dakota. claymore23 hours 42 min ago - Cupid "Skate belly" - (2008) :15 (UK) Dabitch03 hours 44 min ago - Cupid "Grooming" - (2008) :15 (UK) Dabitch03 hours 44 min ago - Cupid "Mix and Match" - (2008) :40 (UK) Dabitch03 hours 45 min ago - Cupid "Aerobics" - (2008) :40 (UK) Dabitch13 hours 46 min ago - Cupid "Existential" - (2008) :40 (UK) Dabitch13 hours 46 min ago says "Don't wait for Cupid and Fate" Dabitch13 hours 52 min ago
StoryCoke debuted new zero-calorie cola on Ebay Dabitch03 hours 57 min ago
StoryParkbench media - used well / Badland Dabitch04 hours 26 min ago
CommercialsArmor All "Driveway" (2014) :15 (USA) kidsleepy24 hours 46 min ago
StoryMcD - what you see you don't get. Dabitch04 hours 49 min ago
StoryNone of Your Business cards from Mauseth Design NYC Dabitch04 hours 50 min ago
StoryAdsense Art - Google Will Eat Itself Dabitch04 hours 52 min ago
StoryTruth, Flies and Advertising. Dabitch105 hours 8 min ago