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CommercialsHoliday Inn - Class Reunion (1997) - 0:30 (USA) claymore52 min 50 sec ago
CommercialsIRN BRU - Sing Song- (1999) 0:30 (UK) Dabitch08 min 15 sec ago
CommercialsOrbitz - Party Boyz (2003) 0:30 (US) Robblink117 min 39 sec ago
StoryCross-dresser too much for the Finns and the Lebanese. Dabitch622 min 10 sec ago
StoryNews reporter who gets bird poo in mouth is viral for some soda-pop, or something. Dabitch1823 min 59 sec ago
CommercialsPSA Equal Pay Day Europe - Being a woman transgender model Amazon Eve (2016) Dabitch1134 min 40 sec ago
CommercialsAlliance Defending Freedom - The Unintended Victims of Bathroom Bills and Locker Room Policies Dabitch035 min 18 sec ago
CommercialsEE - It’s a No Brainer with Kevin Bacon & Stephen Fry - (2016) (UK) Dabitch439 min 2 sec ago
StorySarah Silverman's Equal Pay ad offends transgender community Dabitch440 min 29 sec ago
CommercialsVeet - Dude / Overnight - (2014) :30 (USA) Dabitch046 min 17 sec ago
StoryIt gets worse for the hijacked "It gets better" Save the Children show, as the org loses supporters Dabitch049 min 8 sec ago
StoryGavin McInnes fired for having an dissenting opinion kidsleepy1653 min 15 sec ago
CommercialsEqual Payback Project / Sarah Silverman - Close The Gap - (2014) Dabitch054 min 1 sec ago
CommercialsThis pro trans "Bathroom ad" to air during Trump’s acceptance speech Dabitch055 min 57 sec ago
StorySaddest Logo Change of 2007 - The castrated Lion "ad omnia paratus" Dabitch1158 min 23 sec ago
CommercialsPSA Equal Pay Day - Sasha Grey "I made more as a nurse, than the Doctors" (2012) Dabitch01 hour 1 min ago
CommercialsHeatherette M.A.C - Amanda Lepore / Pink Lipstick (2000) 6:45 (USA) Dabitch01 hour 4 min ago
CommercialsHeatherette M.A.C In-Store promo Japan / Amanda Lepore (2000) Dabitch01 hour 7 min ago
CommercialsGLAAD - Healthcare for all - Give trans people access (2014) 2:00 (USA) Dabitch41 hour 16 min ago
StoryMicrowave mentality part two: All the news fit to gank Dabitch24 hours 1 min ago
CommercialsSony Ericsson - Enjoy the silence - (2008) :60 (Sweden) Dabitch19 hours 22 min ago
CommercialsToyota Corolla Auris - Stav Strashko / "Not trendy, not casual, not for everyone" - (2012) Dabitch49 hours 23 min ago
CommercialsLibra pulls tampon ad after complaints it's "outrageously transphobic" Dabitch09 hours 27 min ago
CommercialsLiving Social / - (2011) :30 (USA) Dabitch09 hours 27 min ago
CommercialsSecret - Ladies' Room #StressTest / No wrong way to be a woman (2016) :30 (USA) Dabitch09 hours 38 min ago