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CommercialsGrey NYC's homage to Sinhead: Nothing compares to you-ouu-huuu buu-huu Dabitch946 min 20 sec ago
StoryFinally creative poaches from tech - as PayPal Exec Defects to Agency Side Dabitch41 hour 58 min ago
StoryAmnesty international disavow a Cannes Lions winner - did another scam ad get a Lion? Dabitch282 hours 27 min ago
Story#CNNBlackmail trends - brands better brace themselves for a massive boycott Dabitch32 hours 40 min ago
CommercialsFeedbackr - an iPhone app for Creative Directors to leave feedback on the go with their voice Dabitch62 hours 46 min ago
StoryPepe the Frog creator sues Infowars Dabitch3211 hours 39 min ago
CommercialsWonder bra - "stare into the spiral" viral spec. Dabitch6311 hours 50 min ago
StoryHonda Jazz becomes Honda [expletive] Dabitch1212 hours 59 min ago
CommercialsAAA - Visitor "it's pronounced triple A" (2015) :30 (USA) Dabitch213 hours 49 min ago
StorySkullcandy and Yo Gabba Gabba kidsleepy514 hours 20 min ago
StoryBilingual Heineken looses its shirt. Dabitch117 hours 2 min ago
CommercialsGioni's Revenge - Condiments spanking women / Ketchup spanking - (2013) print (Italy) Dabitch419 hours 48 min ago
CommercialsLurpak Cook's Range - Adventure Awaits - (2014) :60 (UK) Dabitch120 hours 4 min ago
StoryDominos accused of "rape culture" for "no is the new yes" line. Dabitch522 hours 27 min ago
StoryColossal Spark is a crowdsourcing Colossal Joke kidsleepy1723 hours 4 min ago
amazonA book written in email form? There's a novel idea. Dabitch123 hours 6 min ago
CommercialsHSBC Bank USA - Soapbox baby - (2009) :30 (USA) Dabitch11 day 1 min ago
CommercialsLay's - Fence / MC Hammer - (2005) 0:30 (USA) Dabitch21 day 1 hour ago
CommercialsPETA - "Last Longer" the supposed 'banned' Super Bowl ad Dabitch21 day 1 hour ago
StoryIce cream names cause debate - are the names racist or Nazi codewords? Dabitch291 day 2 hours ago
CommercialsVB beer - The regulars / Parade / What banner are you? - (2009) 2:00 (Australia) Dabitch21 day 3 hours ago
CommercialsMonocole "The woman who chose too much" (2015) 2:00 (Portugal) kidsleepy21 day 6 hours ago
CommercialsToyota "Camry: Thrill" (2017) 1:00 (USA) kidsleepy141 day 8 hours ago
StoryGoldieblox : ' Gotta fight, for your right, to infringe' Dabitch61 day 9 hours ago
CommercialsVolvo "Feeling Good" (2015) 4:00 (Sweden) kidsleepy71 day 10 hours ago