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CommercialsKim's chips - Vandal - (1999) 0:50 (Denmark) Dabitch09 min 46 sec ago
CommercialsC&A - Undressing - (1999) 0:45 (Denmark) Dabitch010 min 21 sec ago
CommercialsKim's chips - Kim's Return? - (1999) 0:60 (Denmark) Dabitch011 min 8 sec ago
CommercialsKim's chips - The Police - (1999) 0:90 (Denmark) Dabitch011 min 45 sec ago
CommercialsKim's chips - Homeless man - (1999) 0:30 (Denmark) Dabitch012 min 14 sec ago
CommercialsKim's chips - ambassador - (1999) 0:25 (Denmark) Dabitch012 min 59 sec ago
CommercialsKilroy travels - too late - (1999) 0:25 (Denmark) Dabitch013 min 41 sec ago
CommercialsBlender - blender grab - (1999) 0:30 (Denmark) Dabitch015 min 46 sec ago
CommercialsKohberg Brød - Lunch - (1999) 0:45 (Denmark) Dabitch018 min 16 sec ago
CommercialsCharles Schwab - My Father (1999) - 0:30 (USA) Dabitch02 hours 28 min ago
CommercialsSubway - Landscape - (2008) :30 (USA) Dabitch03 hours 46 min ago
Commercials98FM - Now is good / Metaphor seal - (2010) :30 (Ireland) Dabitch04 hours 18 min ago
CommercialsCalifornia Cheese - Moon Landing (1999) - 0:30 (USA) Dabitch04 hours 37 min ago
CommercialsVodafone - Eva Mendes Number - (2009) :61 (Argentina) Dabitch04 hours 55 min ago
CommercialsOrcon - Iggy Pop Live 1 & 2 - (2009) :15 (New Zealand) Dabitch04 hours 56 min ago
CommercialsKaiser Permanente - Emerald Cities / Thrive - (2009) :30x2 (USA) [directors cut] Dabitch14 hours 56 min ago
CommercialsMcDonald's - Prison Visit - (2009) :30 (Germany) Dabitch04 hours 56 min ago - Caveman - (2009) :30 (Australia) Dabitch24 hours 56 min ago
CommercialsNew York Lottery Sweet Million - Sleepy time - (2009) :30 (USA) Dabitch04 hours 58 min ago
CommercialsTexa - Fist Bump - (2009) :30 (South Africa) Dabitch04 hours 58 min ago
CommercialsTexa - Too Slow - (2009) :30 (South Africa) Dabitch04 hours 58 min ago
CommercialsTexa - Hug - (2009) :30 (South Africa) Dabitch04 hours 59 min ago
CommercialsThe Kraken Rum - The Reality of The Kraken - (2009) 1:49 (USA) Dabitch05 hours 8 sec ago
CommercialsThe Kraken Rum - Why The Kraken Squirts Black Ink - (2009) :73 (USA) Dabitch05 hours 12 sec ago
CommercialsThe Kraken Rum - The Anatomy of The Kraken - (2009) :69 (USA) Dabitch05 hours 15 sec ago


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Only way to survive advertising, mate.


Yeah, it's not working on me (not tempted to pick up an e-cig but then I quit the habit proper and am supposedly not the target anyway since I am a quitter)... But I...

The article is pointing out that the terribly offended vegetarians are inadvertently creating more press (earned media) about an ad that is based on a very old joke about teenagers phases. Word...

Ooooh this amused me so much. I don't even care that I don't know how the viewers of the show get the gear. DM? If it's DM it's brilliant. I love this idea. So French. Also I want to build that...

Update: It's worth noting that Mark Dice had his Facebook ban lifted, after articles were written about it in far-reaching conservative outlets Breitbart and Heatstreet...

For anyone who has read this far, we have an update on the backlash and boycott...

I suppose I could have added this tweet as well, though it's a tiny derail from my point that this is a bad strategy. I was on Kungsgatan 14:45 during the terrorist attack in...

I see three comments from you earlier. We use Mollom, in case you got caught in that. That would be rare for humans though.

Did anyone else notice that the biological mother and partner to the transgender grad student didn't have a name? She didn't even get to speak. All of the other mothers are introduced with names...

Dear Sir/Madam. This is simply an article about the campaign, by commenting here you're not reaching anyone that was involved in creating the campaign,

You probably have the wrong article. Comments don't vanish.

You could backtrack via my user page which shows my comments, but I comment a lot so that would take forever. If you had been a...

Yes, exactly. It needs to be part of the brand DNA, everything else is just window dressing. In other words, it's fake, and consumers are turned off by fake.

So it is like The Register headline says, the smartest people in the room can't figure it out. And the side effect of that is that brands do not want to risk it and content creators get shafted...

Hi Marek! Yeah pure grotesque is the word, honestly.

& c'mon Kidsleepy of course I knew, but that don't impress me much.

This had so many layers of cringe, I needed massage therapy just to be able to type this.

The music, it's awful. The musicians who take their expensive instruments to a protest (insurance...

yeah, weird.

I'm guessing the joke is "..well if she gets to use the 'it's okay I had subway' excuse, then I can use it too!".
But uh, it looks more like an excuse to stick a...