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StoryThe art director, copywriter, AE and Genie Dabitch118 hours 8 min ago
StoryPlanned Parenthood's holiday card not peacefully recieved Dabitch618 hours 26 min ago
StoryIs the Jingle Dead? caffeinegoddess919 hours 31 min ago
StoryNike - Spec/To Catch A Predator (2007) 1:06 (US) Robblink1621 hours 54 min ago
CommercialsPartnership for a Drug Free America - Drink - (2006) :30 (USA) Dabitch022 hours 1 min ago
StoryYou are infected by meth - new campaign from The Buntin Group Dabitch322 hours 2 min ago
CommercialsPartnership for a Drug Free America - Orphan - (2006) :30 (USA) Dabitch022 hours 2 min ago
StoryPurple PSP Make Hulk-Marg Mad! You won't like her when she's angry.... Dabitch022 hours 13 min ago
StoryAnybody want to piss off Citroen? Hygge522 hours 31 min ago
StoryWanted : Professional work for free Dabitch222 hours 34 min ago
StoryTalk Talk VS. Macif lapetiteanglaise522 hours 51 min ago
Print, billboards, press ads, ambientKeds has Taylor Swift as their "Girl power" model in relaunch campaign Dabitch123 hours 5 min ago
StoryNew York Advertising Festivals gives bronze to La Mote Dabitch123 hours 24 min ago
Print, billboards, press ads, ambientTourism Queensland - flasher stunt, Australia Dabitch023 hours 32 min ago
StoryKY Jelly the Cannes Gold winner that never was? Dabitch823 hours 35 min ago
StoryNever fret over a logo again - prefab logos for sale. Dabitch123 hours 42 min ago
StoryStealth advertising & ad-creep caffeinegoddess723 hours 45 min ago
StoryTwitter's "copyright infringement" feature starts avalanche of twitter jokes Dabitch11 day 42 min ago
CommercialsHP "Jane" (2015) 1:12 (USA) kidsleepy191 day 4 hours ago
CommercialsVittel . Water Refresh Cap (2014) :45 (France) Dabitch03 days 29 min ago
CommercialsSubaru - "Dream Weekend" - (2015) 1:49 (USA) RazPR33 days 11 hours ago - Kitten Ad - (2015) :30 (Sweden) Dabitch13 days 14 hours ago
StoryTarget's "Trophy" t-shirt offends, petition has 12,500 signatures Dabitch44 days 3 hours ago
CommercialsTrend on this "David Oyelowo" (2015) :30 (USA) kidsleepy14 days 10 hours ago
CommercialsSamsung Home / Kristen & Dax & the dinner party (2015) :60 (USA) Dabitch15 days 4 hours ago