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CommercialsChurch of Scientology - Full potential (2017) :30 (USA) Dabitch11 day 20 hours ago
StoryH&M nicks photographers image for T-shirts: Is sued by Estevan Oriol Dabitch21 day 21 hours ago
Print, billboards, press ads, ambientOcala Jai Alai & Poker - Risks / Truck, Ladder, Alligator - print, USA Dabitch81 day 21 hours ago
StorySourcepoint founder Ben Barokas says ad blocking & media is "at war" Dabitch21 day 21 hours ago
StoryMoneyMarketing - the old new media in everyones pocket. Dabitch91 day 21 hours ago
CommercialsNike Shox - STREAKER - 2003 (UK) Robblink51 day 21 hours ago
StoryAnheuser-Busch kills Amy Schumer & Seth Rogen "Party" campaign as sales decline Dabitch121 day 21 hours ago
CommercialsTide to Go Stainpen - Interview (2007) 0:30 (USA) caffeinegoddess131 day 22 hours ago
StoryCross-dresser too much for the Finns and the Lebanese. Dabitch71 day 23 hours ago
Print, billboards, press ads, ambientSony Walkman - Jorney / London / New York / Sydney - print, Australia Dabitch61 day 23 hours ago
CommercialsCamel - I'd walk a mile - 0:30 (USA) 1969 Dabitch22 days 30 min ago
StoryGawker Just Went From Toxic To Radioactive David Felton132 days 32 min ago
StoryLink lust: The Abercrombie & Fitch Emergency Department, and bad video ads. Dabitch12 days 2 hours ago
StoryTL;DR Gawker broke the law - it doesn't matter who funded the suit Dabitch52 days 2 hours ago
StoryLouis Vuitton does a TV commercial - about "journeys" switching tactic from glitzy fashion to travel heritage Dabitch22 days 3 hours ago
CommercialsAvocados From Mexico - Secret Society #AvoSecrets (2017) (USA) Dabitch02 days 3 hours ago
CommercialsTide - Restain (2017) :15 (USA) Dabitch02 days 3 hours ago
StoryMoms outrage against Nike nudity Dabitch22 days 3 hours ago
StoryBanner hijacking still going strong - Adrants now victim to uplothario campaign. Dabitch172 days 4 hours ago
Print, billboards, press ads, ambientLacoste - Style on Skin (2004) (Print Ad) (US) Robblink62 days 5 hours ago
StoryGucci's hairy ad Dabitch232 days 5 hours ago
StoryLA Times & Propublica's "We will not shut up" T-shirts Dabitch02 days 5 hours ago
CommercialsHeineken Light - Neil Patrick Harris & The Grill Master "flip your meat" (2016) Dabitch342 days 6 hours ago
StoryOakley sunglasses on Chilean Miners worth $41 Million in exposure Dabitch52 days 6 hours ago
Commercialsadidas "Y3 Fall/Winter 2016" (2016) 1:50 (USA) kidsleepy12 days 7 hours ago