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StoryMastercards new logo has holes in it Dabitch54 days 25 min ago
StoryHelp the Hill Holiday intern out Dabitch154 days 25 min ago
StoryMiracle Tortilla - Jesus Had One, You Can Too! Dabitch14 days 25 min ago
StoryWanna see what's inside? Robblink44 days 25 min ago
StoryAdvertising is going to hell. Handbasket not included. Dabitch114 days 25 min ago
StoryUnfortunate Art Direction Dabitch74 days 26 min ago
StoryAdvertising forum hacked! Dabitch04 days 26 min ago
StoryA german, a prostitute and a tagline. Holger Wilcks104 days 26 min ago
StoryThe Ad Conceptor caffeinegoddess34 days 26 min ago
StoryGuess which one of these things doesn't belong? Dabitch64 days 26 min ago
StoryThe perfect name and the perfect game. Dabitch74 days 26 min ago
StoryKudawara pharmacy, sexy logo by mistake. Dabitch04 days 26 min ago
StoryIs your ad agency a cult? suddenwaffle94 days 26 min ago
StoryYour Logo On Our Golden Palace Dabitch14 days 26 min ago
StorySmall ads from the UK Dabitch54 days 26 min ago
StoryB3ta - The Phallic Logo Awards Dabitch04 days 27 min ago
StoryThings that don't exist. Dabitch04 days 27 min ago
StoryBest logo ever? Dabitch74 days 27 min ago
StoryApril fools everyone. Dabitch14 days 27 min ago
StoryTampax gets interactive caffeinegoddess54 days 27 min ago
StoryNot a very good logo Dabitch34 days 27 min ago
StoryOur love is sponsored by Monsanto Dabitch04 days 27 min ago
StoryPeter Gibbons, we've found your iPaQ Dabitch04 days 27 min ago
StoryAnti pop-up ad T-shirt xmas gift. Dabitch24 days 27 min ago
StoryMiller Lite dog sniffs woman's butt, idea found on the web? Dabitch04 days 28 min ago


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