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CommercialsRodney District Council - Road Safety "Crash" - Ambient (2008) :50 (New Zealand) Dabitch29 hours 11 min ago
CommercialsNugget Bright & Shiny - Night Light / Glare - (2008) :30 (Brazil) Dabitch09 hours 11 min ago
CommercialsMother - Mother Candles - (2008) :30 (USA) Dabitch49 hours 11 min ago
CommercialsDove Chocolate - Pam Nesia - (2008) : 60 (Australia) Dabitch09 hours 11 min ago
CommercialsDove Chocolate - Em Ocean - (2008) : 90 (Australia) Dabitch09 hours 11 min ago
CommercialsCell C - Turn The Page - (2008) :30 (South Africa) Dabitch09 hours 11 min ago
CommercialsBankSA Finance Banking - Stress Balls - (2008) :30 (Australia) Dabitch09 hours 11 min ago
CommercialsDexia Bank - Oldtimer - (2008) :30 (Belgium) Dabitch09 hours 11 min ago
CommercialsDexia Bank - Wedding - (2008) :30 (Belgium) Dabitch19 hours 11 min ago
CommercialsAbsolut Flavors - Dissection - (2008) :30 (USA) Dabitch09 hours 11 min ago
CommercialsSmart - Wrecking Ball - (2008) :20 (UK) Dabitch09 hours 12 min ago
CommercialsSmart - Tumble Dryer - (2008) :20 (UK) Dabitch09 hours 12 min ago
CommercialsBuilt by Rugby. Forged in Union (2008) :30 (Australia) Dabitch09 hours 12 min ago
CommercialsMike's Hard Lemonade - New Product / We don't do soy - (2008) :30 (USA) Dabitch19 hours 12 min ago
CommercialsAudi RS6 - Gymnasts - (2008) :60 (UK) Dabitch59 hours 12 min ago
CommercialsSubaru – Sumo Carwash (2008) :30 (CA) Robblink39 hours 12 min ago
CommercialsKY / K-Y Brand - Yours+Mine - Mr. & Mrs. North (2007) :30 (USA) claymore19 hours 12 min ago
CommercialsFord Mustang - Dream (2007) :30 (USA) claymore19 hours 12 min ago
CommercialsMini Clubman - Pinball (2007) :30 (USA) claymore19 hours 12 min ago
CommercialsWashington Mutual / WaMu - Whoo hoo! - Puppy (2008) :30 (USA) claymore39 hours 12 min ago
CommercialsEveryone Nose - N.E.R.D. - (2008) 3:30 (USA) Dabitch39 hours 12 min ago
CommercialsKlondike Bar - What You'd Do Contest (2008) :30 (USA) claymore29 hours 12 min ago
CommercialsMarie Curie Actions EU - Chemical Party - (2008) :90 (Germany) Dabitch19 hours 12 min ago
CommercialsThe Loerie Awards 2008 - I made a doo doo - (South Africa) Dabitch59 hours 14 min ago
CommercialsAxe - Needy Girls - (2008) :30 (Canada) Dabitch09 hours 14 min ago


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The ad friendly video has been deemed not ad-friendly.
"Your Ad friendly make up tutorial is not Ad friendly" This actually took much longer than I expected. Must be the new policies. pic.twitter....
Toddler girl running to dad was so adorable swear my ovaries screamed.
I have to agree, good concept but fail in execution. That sound design killed my ears.
Ha! A Mail-order brides site should partner with the company next.
I've seen it all before... ;)
This is great!
Whoohoo. Here's a news clip about the 1995 Dockers campaign found on youtube.
Debbie & Blondie also sold "Maria" to a Casino brand in Sweden (called Maria Casino), so at practically every commercial break their roaylties go "ka-ching."
It has also completely ruined the...
This isn't an online portfolio. Contact me at hostmaster @ with your issues, I'm the Editor-in-Chief.
I've emailed you, please check your inbox for email from hostmaster @ this domain.
The soundtrack was created by Tuesday Collective, sound design.
Please don't mention the Carlsberg Ice campaigns - or the now discontinued beer - that was awful on every level, starting at that holographic paper label. Ugh, the nineites.....
I want to BUY one of these benches, they look great too. Sell them at Muji!
The reason we have this ad is that it was aired during the Super Bowl. To find the other 1980s ad might be a little tougher, you'd probably start the hunt by finding out which ad agency worked on...
Full disclosure: my best time careerwise, and best work was at Publicis, so I have a strange loyalty to the company still.
I saw a lot of people mocking this decision as it was announced, but I...
From USA Today 2/3/2006
The Super Bowl is the wrong place to show cultural insensitivity. That's what critics accused the now-defunct shoe retailer Just for Feet of doing in 1999, with an...