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StoryE-Trade will pain us with that talking baby once again during Super Bowl XLIII. dabitch43 weeks 6 days ago
StoryPlease Coke, It's Christmas without your help, stop competing with Apotekarnes Julmust. dabitch123 weeks 6 days ago
StoryUK to oppose EU plans on product placement dabitch23 weeks 6 days ago
StoryRIP Farrah Fawcett caffeinegoddess23 weeks 6 days ago
CommercialsVisualKinTV - "Cyberbullying hurts too. " - (2012) dabitch03 weeks 6 days ago
CommercialsUltra Brite - Farah Fawcett / My mother told me - (1971) :30 dabitch03 weeks 6 days ago
StoryJWT Tunisias ad copies Thomas Manosky's "Sorry I'm Late". Badland. dabitch73 weeks 6 days ago
StoryOren Lavie 's "Her Morning Elegance" video kicks off serious stop-motion in bed trend. Badland. dabitch23 weeks 6 days ago
Story"Her morning elegance" stop motion trend continues with Target joining in. dabitch103 weeks 6 days ago
StoryThe flogo cloud machine making happy smiley clouds instead of ads dabitch13 weeks 6 days ago
StoryDDB Brazil 911/Tsunami ad gets one hundred angry comments at Adfreak (updated, yet again) dabitch93 weeks 6 days ago
StoryThe DDB / WWF 911 / Tsunami commercial kerfluffle recap post. dabitch24 weeks 1 min ago
Story"Karen" the Danish mother seeking is actually Ditte Arnth #Karen26 dabitch44 weeks 36 min ago
CommercialsTDC Maxfree - Dressing room - (2009) :30 (Denmark) dabitch04 weeks 38 min ago
CommercialsLæger uden Grænser / Doctors without borders - Send help - (2009) :30 (Denmark) dabitch04 weeks 40 min ago
CommercialsKentucky Fried Chicken Colonel Sanders - Good Chicken! - (1979) :30 (USA) dabitch04 weeks 42 min ago
StoryColonel Sanders breaks into the U.N. as a publicity stunt dabitch64 weeks 43 min ago
CommercialsWendy's - Where's the Beef x2 - Supervisor & Question - (1984) :60 (USA) dabitch14 weeks 43 min ago
StoryThanks for the laughs, Cliff Freeman & Partners R.I.P. dabitch74 weeks 45 min ago
CommercialsNissan Leaf - Polar Bear - (2010) :60 (USA) dabitch04 weeks 48 min ago
StorySwedish team Petter & Kaspar win D&AD 30-day challenge with "D&AD creative search" dabitch04 weeks 49 min ago
StoryFacebook experiments with "emotion contagion" in social media. Which emotion triggers buying? dabitch14 weeks 57 min ago
CommercialsToshiba - The Making of Space Chair - (2009) 3:34 (UK) dabitch14 weeks 1 hour ago
StoryToshibas new "Chairs in space" looks like Simon Faithfull's escape vehicles dabitch134 weeks 1 hour ago
CommercialsSimon Faithfull - Escape Vehicle number 6 - (2004) :60 (UK) dabitch04 weeks 1 hour ago