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StoryPrint magazine talks to Art Director Michael Gross Dabitch01 week 6 days ago - High Stakes - (2015) :30 (USA) Dabitch02 weeks 5 hours ago
CommercialsVolvo "Feeling Good" (2015) 4:00 (Sweden) kidsleepy42 weeks 5 hours ago
StoryNIMF attacks WOMMA for "buzzploiting" children and teens Dabitch02 weeks 1 day ago
Print, billboards, press ads, ambientBeate Uhse AG - Directions - ambient, Germany Dabitch22 weeks 1 day ago
StorySXSW reinstates the #Savepoint gaming panel as it was Dabitch02 weeks 4 days ago
StoryNokia Says Nope, That Kitty Bashing Spot Ain't Ours claymore122 weeks 4 days ago
CommercialsSainsbury’s - Mog’s Christmas Calamity (2015) 3:30 (UK) Dabitch12 weeks 4 days ago
StorySXSW all day "harassment panel" created due to trolls - but can we ever be troll-free? Dabitch92 weeks 4 days ago
CommercialsAmerican Cancer Society "Anger" (2015) :30 (USA) kidsleepy13 weeks 2 hours ago
StoryR&R Partners seeks "soul mate" creative teams with sneaky sneaker attack Dabitch03 weeks 5 hours ago
CommercialsDIRECTV - Petite Randy Moss - (2015) :30 (US) David Felton183 weeks 10 hours ago
StorySaatchi & Saatchi appoints Talia Handler executive VP Dabitch03 weeks 1 day ago
CommercialsPoo-Pourri - Imagine Where You Can GO - (2015) 3:00 (USA) Dabitch13 weeks 1 day ago
CommercialsBMW 3 series - the new BMW 3 - (2015) :30 (UK) Dabitch23 weeks 1 day ago
CommercialsExtra "The story of Sarah and Juan" (2015) 1:57 (USA) kidsleepy73 weeks 2 days ago
StoryThe Economist infects readers with malware - via third party anti-adblocker Dabitch33 weeks 2 days ago
CommercialsXerox - Monk - (1976) - 0:60 (USA) Dabitch93 weeks 2 days ago
Print, billboards, press ads, ambientZebra crossings as ad space in Italy Dabitch43 weeks 2 days ago
Print, billboards, press ads, ambientDrive Agency for St. Louis Symphony Drive Agency43 weeks 2 days ago
CommercialsSega Saturn Tanshiro ending (Japan) Dabitch03 weeks 2 days ago
CommercialsUTEC - Plant Lamp - (2015) 1:50 (Peru) Dabitch03 weeks 3 days ago
CommercialsUTEC - "Air Orchard" - (2015) 1:50 (Peru) Dabitch03 weeks 3 days ago
StoryDavid on Demand guy loses lust for life Dabitch23 weeks 3 days ago
StoryApple app stores number 1 ad blocker pulled by author because "Just doesn’t feel good" Dabitch03 weeks 4 days ago