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CommercialsSquatty Potty - Kathy Griffin "Full of shit" (2017) (USA) Dabitch04 weeks 2 hours ago
AnonymousCoward (not verified)047 years 6 months ago
CommercialsBudweiser True - Big Shirt - 0:45 (2004) (USA) Dabitch34 weeks 1 day ago
CommercialsSpecial K - #Ownit / Women eat / Own it (2017) :30 (USA) Dabitch04 weeks 1 day ago
CommercialsLexus - The power of perfection (2017) :30 (USA) Dabitch04 weeks 1 day ago
CommercialsKeep Oakland Beautiful "Beach" (2013) :15 (U.S.A.) Dabitch04 weeks 1 day ago
CommercialsSpecial K - #OwnIt (2015) :30 (Canada) Dabitch04 weeks 1 day ago
CommercialsSpecial K - The Pinch - (1982) :30 (UK) Dabitch04 weeks 1 day ago
CommercialsVisit Sweden - Sweden listed the whole country on AirBnB Dabitch04 weeks 1 day ago
CommercialsPaul Arden at the Saatchi and Saatchi new Directors showcase Dabitch01 month 33 min ago
StoryResumé - helgintervju, Åsk Wäppling Dabitch01 month 36 min ago
StoryTrump branded toilet paper to be sold in Mexico Dabitch11 month 1 day ago
CommercialsAnacin - Dan Oconnell (1981) - 0:30 (USA) Dabitch31 month 2 days ago
Print, billboards, press ads, ambientLATAM airlines Entertainment - "Seat Maps" (print) - Colombia Dabitch01 month 3 days ago
StoryRemember AT&T's future from 1993? You will. Dabitch11 month 3 days ago
StoryThe Star Wars Body Shaming: When the bullies on the internet are the media Dabitch91 month 3 days ago
StoryGabriel Portnof joins Framestore as CG Supvervisor Dabitch01 month 3 days ago
StoryHow did @Sweden make the blocklist that listed Pewdiepie & the Israeli Foreign Ministry as "Nazis" ? Dabitch01 month 3 days ago
CommercialsColombia Ministry of Environment - “Orgasmic Peach” aphrodisiac (2017) Case study Dabitch01 month 4 days ago
CommercialsCanadian Centre for Child Protection "Sextortion" (2017) 1:31 (Canada) kidsleepy11 month 4 days ago
RadioGIRLTALK HQ We have something to say - (2017) (Canada) Dabitch01 month 4 days ago
CommercialsCanon "Live for the story" (2017) 1:00 (UK) kidsleepy11 month 4 days ago
CommercialsWe are Sikhs - Who we are (2017) :60 (USA) Dabitch01 month 4 days ago
CommercialsGodaddy - The Internet Wants You - (2016) :30 (USA) Dabitch01 month 5 days ago
Story"We are Sikhs" campaign fights an uphill battle against media that think they're Muslim Dabitch01 month 5 days ago


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We have audio - here's President Obama calling Kanye a jackass.
"....He's a jackass."MP3 file
Dog in PR pic = awesome.
Zima is " a few degrees cooler"? Wow. Sad ad.
I still haven't tasted that crap. In the 90s they sold it with rooftop BBQ's and awkward z-laden pickup attempts and later as plan Z.
I'm not sure, but they should be. Please email the San Diego Zoo to suggest it.
Yes, if the desert surroundings didn't give it away, you can clearly see the Faisaliyah in the skyline shots. The Kingdom building is in profile otherwise you'd recognise that too.
Trivia: when German's finger count they use their thumbs. So two is thumb and index-finger. Not sure how you'd show four, so maybe that is a German kid after all.
It actually is kinda fun, because it's a little difficult to scream control something, and you feel very very silly.
Remember when Apple banned a bunch of games and apps featuring the Confederate flag?
No that's a law everywhere in the US, the federal Clean Water Act requires that cremated remains be scattered at least three nautical miles from land - if you are scattering ashes at sea.
You can...
how bizarre.... Smashing conversation over at mefi, cracks me up this;
How about the photographer that took the original photo. Isn't there a copyright violation of some sort here. Or did Prince...
" it feels more like a straight ahead spot the client would have made in-house than branded content."
hahaha, yep. Accurate. It was cringeworthy. Not as cringeworthy as Elisabeth Moss confronting...
The verdict is in from Trump. He doesn't like it because it disturbed his kids. Well, he said "are having a hard time with this", but I'll assume it meant it worried them because it was a rather...
Aw, that's so sweet!