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StoryYogo truck driver pulls knife on Mister Softee driver in ice-ream turf war Dabitch04 months 3 weeks ago
StoryRedwell threatened by Red Bull for their name? Red Bull says no. Dabitch04 months 3 weeks ago
StoryMarmite RSCPA/Child protective services ad leaves bad taste - 250 complaints to ASA Dabitch24 months 3 weeks ago
StoryData Cars taxi in trouble for "rape imagery" on ads Dabitch04 months 3 weeks ago
StoryBig brands are buying fraud ad inventory on youtube Dabitch04 months 3 weeks ago
StoryLG promo event with BB guns and knives injures 20 people Dabitch04 months 3 weeks ago
StoryRainbow crossing outside of Russian Embassy in Stockholm protests Russias anti-gay laws Dabitch04 months 3 weeks ago
StoryUnicef Tap Project wins Cannes Lions 2013 Dabitch04 months 3 weeks ago
StoryInuit's Super Bowl 2014 ad will not be for itself caffeinegoddess14 months 3 weeks ago
StoryFlags 'meet the world' tour Marketing mags in Finland Dabitch04 months 3 weeks ago
StoryThe Home Office UK is in trouble on twitter for #Racistvan rolling advert Dabitch04 months 3 weeks ago
StoryOreo Daily twist vs Google daily doodle - only one wins a Cannes Lion Dabitch34 months 3 weeks ago
StoryPhotographer sues BuzzFeed for $3.6M for using photo without permission Dabitch04 months 3 weeks ago
StoryXbox One and the ASCII middle-fingers on facebook. Dabitch64 months 3 weeks ago
StoryPortland Press Herald: social media for everyone talks SM with Adland's Åsk 'Dabitch' Wäppling Dabitch24 months 3 weeks ago
StoryWho is Zesty Guy really targeting; gay men or a million offended moms? Dabitch44 months 3 weeks ago
StoryDumb ways to die starts winning everything in Cannes. Dabitch04 months 3 weeks ago
StoryArnold can't go to Cannes, but YOU can? Free ticket if you hurry! Dabitch04 months 3 weeks ago
StoryAdlatina shows you how to Case Study for Cannes: with Vine #VineLions. Dabitch04 months 3 weeks ago
StoryHungry? In Cannes? *after midnight*? Deutsch LA to the rescue with Cannes Has Pizza Dabitch04 months 3 weeks ago
StoryAdweek Getting down and dirty with Dabitch - Mudvertising on the rise Dabitch04 months 3 weeks ago
StoryEverydaysexism corners Facebook via advertisers, FB back down on anti-women 'hate speech' posts Dabitch04 months 3 weeks ago
StoryCopyright ignoring t-shirt makers thrive at Etsy, ripping off an illustrator near you Dabitch14 months 3 weeks ago
StoryLiseberg amusement park's ad campaign offends Greece Dabitch04 months 3 weeks ago
StoryCoke puts the most common names in Sweden on their bottles - except "Mohammed" Dabitch74 months 3 weeks ago


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Only way to survive advertising, mate.


Yeah, it's not working on me (not tempted to pick up an e-cig but then I quit the habit proper and am supposedly not the target anyway since I am a quitter)... But I...

The article is pointing out that the terribly offended vegetarians are inadvertently creating more press (earned media) about an ad that is based on a very old joke about teenagers phases. Word...

Ooooh this amused me so much. I don't even care that I don't know how the viewers of the show get the gear. DM? If it's DM it's brilliant. I love this idea. So French. Also I want to build that...

Update: It's worth noting that Mark Dice had his Facebook ban lifted, after articles were written about it in far-reaching conservative outlets Breitbart and Heatstreet...

For anyone who has read this far, we have an update on the backlash and...

I suppose I could have added this tweet as well, though it's a tiny derail from my point that this is a bad strategy. I was on Kungsgatan 14:45 during the terrorist attack in...

I see three comments from you earlier. We use Mollom, in case you got caught in that. That would be rare for humans though.

Did anyone else notice that the biological mother and partner to the transgender grad student didn't have a name? She didn't even get to speak. All of the other mothers are introduced with names...

Dear Sir/Madam. This is simply an article about the campaign, by commenting here you're not reaching anyone that was involved in creating the campaign,

You probably have the wrong article. Comments don't vanish.

You could backtrack via my user page which shows my comments, but I comment a lot so that would take forever. If you had been...

Yes, exactly. It needs to be part of the brand DNA, everything else is just window dressing. In other words, it's fake, and consumers are turned off by fake.

So it is like The Register headline says, the smartest people in the room can't figure it out. And the side effect of that is that brands do not want to risk it and content creators get shafted...

Hi Marek! Yeah pure grotesque is the word, honestly.

& c'mon Kidsleepy of course I knew, but that don't impress me much.

This had so many layers of cringe, I needed massage therapy just to be able to type this.

The music, it's awful. The musicians who take their expensive instruments to a protest (insurance...

yeah, weird.

I'm guessing the joke is "..well if she gets to use the 'it's okay I had subway' excuse, then I can use it too!".
But uh, it looks more like an excuse to stick a...