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StoryGoogle's bluetooth enabled shoe can trash talk your lazy ass Dabitch13 weeks 5 days ago
StoryNutella gives us hazelnut high heels on International Women's day. Dabitch13 weeks 5 days ago
StoryDigital Doesn’t Matter: Reinventing the Advertising Industry Dabitch13 weeks 5 days ago
StoryReferer spam still going strong - but who checks these days? Dabitch53 weeks 5 days ago
Story3 reasons why Buzzfeed is poisoning the well. kidsleepy253 weeks 5 days ago
StoryHow Instagram killed Firegram Dabitch33 weeks 5 days ago
StorySXSW will have free bikes that tweet where they are..... Dabitch13 weeks 5 days ago
StoryThinkLA Hyper Island Master Class next week Dabitch03 weeks 5 days ago
StoryGo Green Screen to support VFX artists. kidsleepy73 weeks 5 days ago
StoryDear angry anonymous Agencyspy commenter..... Dabitch03 weeks 5 days ago
StoryBlue Note album covers, an interactive timeline. Dabitch13 weeks 5 days ago
StorySweden's State Television SVT decide to only buy music from private corp that rights-grab musicians work Dabitch03 weeks 5 days ago
StoryDKNY uses photographers artwork without permission & thinks $25 000 = $100 000 Dabitch03 weeks 5 days ago
StoryNew adspace in Japan: Teenage girls' thighs Dabitch03 weeks 5 days ago
StoryWhole foods in hot water for Obama ad featuring chicken Dabitch03 weeks 5 days ago
StoryThe end is nigh: Twitter announces their advertising API Dabitch03 weeks 5 days ago
StoryFunny Guy Fieri fake menu-site full of plagiarized twitter jokes. Dabitch33 weeks 5 days ago
StoryMore brands compromised on twitter - now it's MTV / BET & it's faked Dabitch03 weeks 5 days ago
StoryMicrosoft rebrands Hotmail - now it's Dabitch03 weeks 5 days ago
StoryIsrael made law banning anorexic models: BMIs below 18.5 are not to be seen on catwalk or in photo Dabitch13 weeks 5 days ago
StoryShow your gun, get 15% off your pizza Dabitch03 weeks 5 days ago
StoryGoogle passes the buck - seeks to "cut funding" to pirate sites via Mastercard, Visa etc Dabitch03 weeks 5 days ago
StoryUpdated: Black Keys Drummer now the King Of Twitter kidsleepy63 weeks 5 days ago
StoryUpdated: Tesla to NYT: Neener Neener. kidsleepy23 weeks 5 days ago
StoryGoogle Play plays down security breach, can the Streisand effect beat the biggest search engine? Dabitch03 weeks 5 days ago


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Your grade A advertising snark at Buzzfeed was like pearls before swine.
I can not agree more with your last point. I earned nicely as a storyboard illustrator before I got properly paying advertising work since I have an illustration degree, so I do still try to keep...
Yep the writing as on the wall already back then, and they should have listened to you. Meh.
So would mine, even when much younger. This strategy is a little forced.
@no_thanks1234: Rosy Nola, Tessa Lena, and Chelsea Crowell showed better adskills with what they did, than the current campaign. They created shareable social media posts in a time when the topic of...
FYI, here's a Twitter conversation that happened after this article was published.

I just found this article - My Nike Media Adventure by Jonah Peretti March 22, 2001 if y'all are interested.
First, this article is from 2005. You're free to google the board of Centrum mot rasism back in 2005 if you're super interested in their genetic makeup. Just note that this Swede didn't get out of...
As deep.ed and others have pointed out, the organization that reported this ice-cream name as racist - Centre against Racism - aren't exactly doing any good and this storm might have been a...
Well Congratulate the Center Against Racism, they got all the press they could muster out of this with Slate writer Timothy Noah comparing it to the Moolatto of last year. MooLatte, Bested. Please...
Worse! salt licorice! ugh ugh ugh!!!!!
Ah yes! That is true. And how could I forget gems like the Poo Tofu Stick?
Nyhetstorka = Newsdraught. Basically a dumb story like this only survives when nothing else is happening.
Sure, Nogger might look crazy for people who speak English, just like Bite Sale looks...
What was most amusing was the comment by the chairman of the Center Against Racism: (roughly paraphrased) "There is a chance that GB is not racist".
Do not forget that this ridiculous...
Oh, some of those clips in the channels you linked are really disturbing and the fact that they are still there shows that Youtube are still not on the ball here.
Advertisers are doing the right...
I could confuse the Tag bottle with Axe, a well as their ads with Axe... that's not a good thing.