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StoryParis vs New York, Art Directors vs Copywriters, original vs inspired? Dabitch12 months 3 days ago
StoryFacebook aims for the kids, expands market instantly. Dabitch02 months 3 days ago
StorySeth MacFarlane isn't anti-Semitic. He's an anti-Semitic schmuck. kidsleepy122 months 3 days ago
StoryYou either Cannes or you Cannt. I can't do either *sob* Dabitch02 months 3 days ago
StoryVending machines that surprise you with kayaks, cakes and gifts have been done. Dabitch22 months 3 days ago
StoryLink lust: You are not a curator, hashbangs are gone, and facebook forcefeeds you ads Dabitch02 months 3 days ago
StorySmart Car vending Machine in Japan. Dabitch02 months 3 days ago
StoryMissiongathering Church is SORRY according to their billboard Dabitch02 months 3 days ago
StoryDid Pringles "Tiny hands" rip off a tumblr - or did that tumblr rip off an old Herringbone ad? Dabitch72 months 3 days ago
StoryPantone launches beachwear for men - color that short. Dabitch12 months 3 days ago
StoryDear Blank, Please blank = Funny. Dabitch12 months 3 days ago
StoryAd ban of the week: gender stereotypes in shower gels for kids banned in Sweden Dabitch02 months 3 days ago
StoryThe watermark rebranded - R/GA give useful facelift to Getty stock watermark Dabitch02 months 3 days ago
StoryRAF pilots land on beach, just to get Magnum ice-cream Dabitch02 months 3 days ago
StoryDelta pulled ads from the Daily Show over 'vagina mangers' skit due to pressure from CNNBelief Dabitch22 months 3 days ago
StoryI'm down with TP on the FB kidsleepy22 months 3 days ago
StoryGM stops buying ads on Facebook, keep pages, do they "get" Social Media better than everyone else? Dabitch22 months 3 days ago
StoryTaco Del Mar and Wexley School for Girls go shrimpsurfing Dabitch22 months 3 days ago
StoryTBWA/Chiat/Day launch 'content arm' dubbed "Let there be dragons" Dabitch02 months 3 days ago
StoryBarack Obama first Gay president, first jewish president, not the first cover idea done like this. Dabitch12 months 3 days ago
StoryDepressed Copywriter "Liberates" a 35 year old art movement. kidsleepy82 months 3 days ago
StoryRadio Klassisk brings the classical music to Copenhagens public transport system, again. Dabitch02 months 3 days ago
StoryThe Official AdLand Advertising Tutorial: Part Seven - Case Studies Dabitch02 months 3 days ago
StoryScamworld: "You got to run your business like a Mafia-like organization" article on Internet marketing Dabitch02 months 3 days ago
Story"I still believe in global warming. Do you?" asks Ted Kaczynski in now pulled billboard. Dabitch52 months 3 days ago


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@snowmama , I know Gaten Matarazzo has cleidocranial dysplasia which affects his teeth. There are some commenters above mocking his lisp, but we stuck to mocking the sales pitch, not his delivery of...
Wow, that's great. Thanks for sharing that, Ryan.
No idea, personally. I hope someone who worked on casting or the ad recalls and lets us know. That typeface at the end is giving me interning flashbacks. Egads.
One of the reasons I leave the comments open still, is so that questions like these can be answered by people involved in the work. Unfortunately, people seldom bother.
Your grade A advertising snark at Buzzfeed was like pearls before swine.
I can not agree more with your last point. I earned nicely as a storyboard illustrator before I got properly paying advertising work since I have an illustration degree, so I do still try to keep...
Yep the writing as on the wall already back then, and they should have listened to you. Meh.
So would mine, even when much younger. This strategy is a little forced.
@no_thanks1234: Rosy Nola, Tessa Lena, and Chelsea Crowell showed better adskills with what they did, than the current campaign. They created shareable social media posts in a time when the topic of...
FYI, here's a Twitter conversation that happened after this article was published.

I just found this article - My Nike Media Adventure by Jonah Peretti March 22, 2001 if y'all are interested.
First, this article is from 2005. You're free to google the board of Centrum mot rasism back in 2005 if you're super interested in their genetic makeup. Just note that this Swede didn't get out of...
As deep.ed and others have pointed out, the organization that reported this ice-cream name as racist - Centre against Racism - aren't exactly doing any good and this storm might have been a...
Well Congratulate the Center Against Racism, they got all the press they could muster out of this with Slate writer Timothy Noah comparing it to the Moolatto of last year. MooLatte, Bested. Please...
Worse! salt licorice! ugh ugh ugh!!!!!