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StoryChannel 4 courts c*ntroversy with swear-ad Dabitch411 years 1 week ago
StoryEven animated lizard spokescreatures have blogs. Dabitch011 years 1 week ago
StoryCitrus ads fight carb stigma, Mazda tries a viral Dabitch311 years 2 weeks ago
StoryLL lends his cool to Volvo Dabitch411 years 2 weeks ago
StoryPabst comeback shaping up to be even bigger Dabitch011 years 2 weeks ago
StoryPlay with your food part one Dabitch111 years 2 weeks ago
StoryIs "The sweetest taboo" breaking one? Dabitch611 years 2 weeks ago
StoryAds in space - revisited. Dabitch011 years 2 weeks ago
StoryAdvertisers fear "cartel" in Oz caffeinegoddess211 years 2 weeks ago
StoryMark Walsh on the advertising show. Dabitch211 years 3 weeks ago
StoryNokia: Mobile users are OK with receiving SpaSMS Dabitch111 years 3 weeks ago
StoryThe advertising show - Dabitch on my radio. Dabitch011 years 3 weeks ago
StoryWhat's in your wallet? Dabitch011 years 3 weeks ago
CommercialsImodium AD - Santa - full (2003) - 0:30 (USA) claymore211 years 4 weeks ago
StoryYou Fruitcakes! Dabitch211 years 4 weeks ago
CommercialsNike - Do anything - (:60) (2004) (USA) Robblink311 years 1 month ago
StorySomething for everyone - Cola Wars satire. Dabitch011 years 1 month ago
StoryHaidaBucks stares down Starbucks Dabitch211 years 1 month ago
StoryEminem sues Apple over TV commercial tune Dabitch011 years 1 month ago
CommercialsEggo Syrup - Better Late Than Never - Original Cut (2003) 0:30 (USA) Dabitch311 years 1 month ago
StoryR.I.P Madge the Manicurist Dabitch011 years 1 month ago
StoryHere comes Carolina Klüft for Reebok! Dabitch011 years 1 month ago
StoryThat shameless Hummer kid! EricR411 years 1 month ago
StoryCanadian networks too chicken to run PETA ads. Dabitch411 years 1 month ago
CommercialsAOL - Hammer - (2003) - 0:30 (USA) Dabitch111 years 1 month ago