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Sore loser or savvy marketeer? Sounds like more publicity will get more asses on seats. At any rate, this is dumb.
This is nice. I wonder if there was a 30, because it's also a little indulgent.
It was done last year:
This review made me laugh so hard.
It's called Frenglish.
I think the is the most positive review Kidsleepy has ever given to an ad, which makes sense because this is absolutely fucking brilliant.
Balloon lovers are having a ball right now.
Instead of a 'Celebrity Creative Director' I'd like to see a 'Cat Creative Director'. Now there's a stunt I can get stroked about - Fur real.
What is it with cats this year? Between this and Cats Not Ads, there's definitely something in the catnip.
I was very impressed and satisfied to discover that 5 years later, is still online and collecting signatures.
If it's self-satire, does it make it better? #NotAllMillennials are plaid-wearing, craft-beer-drinking, designer-beard-sporting narcissists with 200 integrated apps on their iPhone 6+, riding around...
I'm closest to the target demographic here - as an official 'millennial' (born in 1987) - although I've never particularly understood or identified with this bracket. To offer some explanation, we...
Coffee with a newspaper? See you later! That's right. Café Hag.
Does functional difference matter, as long as we remember the brand? Just putting that out there. Some will argue, no. Still, we can debate product differentiation for the next 9 months if you like...
Why is there no pay off in the copy? I was expecting at least a clever line. I don't really get the concept - are we being told that driving is a circus, a chaotic mess? And Lyft is better? Why?...
It's amazing how all these pretzel vendors are mic'd up.