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Tor Rauden Källstigen is 50% of one of Swedens best techno outfits: Beoeos Kaelstigen;
This Is a well spent half hour.
The presidents of the Eurobest Jurys present one piece each of advertising they HATE - and discuss why. 5 minutes each. See advertising arrogance and "behind...
Why not credit the original artist if you're not adapting his work in anyway ? What did the creative team actually do on this one ? Watch the video ? Show it to the client ?
Oh, you built a balsa...
The thing that got me was that I've seen graphic accidents before - but this goes on to show how you wait for ambulances, how you have to remain inside the car with your supposedly dead friends...
It's Joel Bauer;
If you try to opt out you get;
You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'romlov AND socialNetwork = '...
Why are they giving it all away in the start???
Pathethic - actually. Lousy work.
Wow...  that's weird! 
I once saw an ad in Britain;  CH RCH What is Missing? U are   
Beautiful !
I like them a lot ! Symbolism will always rule - subtext is king !
How many are there - there must be four - or seven !