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I detect Badlanders worldwide.

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I did it. Did I make a mistake ?
Yes, it is a bike with a cardboard car, in this case - Renault Clio
As a consumer I would never use a perfume taken from the place, shown in the second print ....
Please take a look at this
May be this is for Badland section ?
Genius Idea !!!
You better move this in "Dupliclaims" section of Badland together with The Cog of Honda and Der Lauf der Dinge - von P.Fischli und D.Weiss 1987.
How much is "enough" ? Can you measure it ?
Will you change your bet if you knew both ads are made by local offices of the same agency ? Or if you knew that the creative boss is a regularvisitor of sites like this one and regular reader of...
The correct youtube link for the second TVC is
OK, sorry for my question - I used this link
and this company is not mentioend there at all
Who told you "that the Titanium winner this year was the Japanese company Design Barcode" ??? There si no such winner at Cannes 2006 web page ???
We have the same ad on air in Bulgaria these days !
Without any problems ...