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Wanna feel like you're really bored for a minute? Watch this commercial.

Feels like we're back in 1980 with this commercial. #oldfashioned

Even 20 years ago this would have been a boring ad.

Are you being sarcastic?

This looks like an amazing book, which I will highly recommend to all my friends!
Unless I am being sarcastic. Please God no, no more sarcasm. Okay, so I won't read the book, because too...

Awesome! Silver in Cannes 2015?

Brilliant. The first one, that is. How many awards did it win? How many gigs did it get the team?

Nah, I prefer the Simpsons avatars. They are more dorkey (if that's an English word)...

Not sure how happy I am with this version of me...

How many calories are in a Subway sandwich?
Don't tell lies, guys.

Is this a video of the commercial on tv, or was it aired like this?
If this is just someone recording it from his tv, how come I can't find the original on YouTube?

Extremely mediocre.

I disagree. That added dramatic stunt reached maybe a hundred people who were there and the rest only because of the viral effect.
This one reached 100% of the target audience.

Bla bla bla, come on guys, it's just another crap commercial saying 'Look at how awesome we are'. Piss off.

All the more prove that TBWA just isn't Wieden&Kennedy.
You can feel TBWA (that handles the Dutch account) telling Heineken that they too can make an international spot.
They can'...