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I hope they give out Xerox logo Christmas ornaments next year. I'll put it right next to my Konica Minolta logo Christmas ornament. Freakin' sweet. 
Let's see what they do when Zoo York comes out with Ron Jeremy edition skateboards. Won't be so funny then will it?
I saw a beaver in the Lunesta sleep aid ads.  Really don't know what the fuss is about.
I was kind of hoping that BBH would do something cooler. That spot feels a bit 1990's Coke v. Pepsi.
Well, let's be thankful they didn't go with Scro-Soft™.
If I give Test Man the V sign, he better return the love. I don't care whether it feels natural to him or not. Suck it up little wireless man and deal with it.
Great spot. I wonder what a Jehovah's witness would've done.
Once again the minions of perversion have been struck down in their sordid lairs and decency has prevailed. Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.
Can't wait to see what they do with the magazine inserts.
My Anaconda don't want none 'less you got buns, hun.
Hell yeah. "Sit down Waldo!"
Van Halen video minus concept equals hacks.
A hair hijab. Allah u Akbar!
Pretty sweet. I hope the follow-up features Jane Goodall on the cowbell.